It has never felt better to start a day
With the birds chirping and
the rays of the day,
Flaring through your hair.
As you lay tired on my chest.
I don't remember the previous night much.
I only recollect being intoxicated,
Consumed by both passion and lust.
You were at your sensuous best,
Taking the lead, and showing the way.
I swamped to find words to talk
Unspoken words, replaced by ecstasy,
Craving you more, every daring kiss.
I could sense the fire in your heart
Transcend into your breathing,
Burning me, consuming my desires.
Hypnotized by your charm,
I surrendered myself to your ways.
I don't quite know if I would
regret the night or cherish it forever.
One thing for sure, there wouldn't be
Another night like this

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