Teenage Crushes

It wasn't until I first spoke to you,
That I started to worry about impressions,
And even expressions.
I knew from the beginning,
words were my Forte.
But it was you, the reason why I pursued it.

I don't think you'll remember or recollect,
I don't even know if you'd even noticed
How the silent and bookish kid in the class
Suddenly started to act different.
They say, teenage crushes are a thing of fancy
But for me, the impetus for transformation.

Three years of self imposed distancing
And ten years after,
Here we are today, laughing at the mockery
I had made of myself trying to impress you.
From a school time crush to a friend,
Someone who I treat as an extended family,
We have indeed come a long way.

Seasonal Friends

What do you do with books
That you have read once,
But no longer interests you
For a second time?

You keep them at the darkest corner
Of your shelf, left to bite dust,
Sometimes the termites feed of them
But you'd not really care.

Tell me why would you worry,
About someone who was seasonal?
And never quite had a reason,
To be forever?

Haven't we all heard,
People do change, like seasons?
Have we seen the winter halt?
Not paving the way for spring?

Cut those strings of attachments out
For its only drowning you in memories,
Occasional friends don't stay longer
Race ahead for the forever ones are waiting.


Do you remember the time
From our school days,
Where we went onto the stage
How I stood on my knee,
Extending my hand towards you,
The imaginary ring that my hand held.
The shimmer in your eyes that day,
As the audience clapped and
Curtains came down.

Here we are at it again, today,
Only that it is not an enactment.
I wonder how do I profess my love to you,
For all the words I know
Won't be enough.
I knew your answer from the shine
In your eyes even before you uttered a word,
As I silently promised myself
To keep it shining forever.
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