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All of the world's fictional stories would yet fail to contain the drama that real life holds. There is way too less that you could put in words compared to what happens in the grand stage of life. We are all nothing but mere pawns, in the hands of the greatest player ever, Time!*
How futile of us is it to try and hold on to time? To the past, to the grief. Time goes past us. We grow older; and then comes a moment when time would freeze. Death. Death, probably, would be the greatest liberators in this world.
I wonder how incredibly lonely would be that moment when you die. All your lives moments flashing through your mind, your eyes moist, of joy or may not. But knowing that your time has time. Would you regret the one life that you lived? Or would you smile and welcome it?
Death must indeed be so beautiful, to listen to the sound silence, to have no yesterdays, and no tomorrow. To forget time, to forgive life, to be at peace*

*1 - Quoted from the book "The Place of Illusions"
*2 - Quoted from Oscar Wilde.

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