Him and Her

I don't remember the last time
I looked at the sky in such awe.
A starry night, did a comet flyby?
I did wish upon it as it was 11:11.

I hadn't met you since long.
And here I am today.
At your doorstep.
Taking you out for the dinner.

The way your laughter sounds
When I confess the truth
That I've been awestruck
By your eyes, since years.

The walk across the empty beach
Lonely, yet in the company of eachother.
We do not talk, neither hold hands.
You watch the waves kiss the sand.

I look at you, your childlike enthusiasm
The way your runaway from the waves
After writing our names in the sand.
That night was indeed long.

I have been asked many times
What is it that I feel for you.
I have no answer to say,
But I know that we are not meant to be.

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