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Knowns to Unknowns


Him and Her

I don't remember the last time
I looked at the sky in such awe.
A starry night, did a comet flyby?
I did wish upon it as it was 11:11.

I hadn't met you since long.
And here I am today.
At your doorstep.
Taking you out for the dinner.

The way your laughter sounds
When I confess the truth
That I've been awestruck
By your eyes, since years.

The walk across the empty beach
Lonely, yet in the company of eachother.
We do not talk, neither hold hands.
You watch the waves kiss the sand.

I look at you, your childlike enthusiasm
The way your runaway from the waves
After writing our names in the sand.
That night was indeed long.

I have been asked many times
What is it that I feel for you.
I have no answer to say,
But I know that we are not meant to be.


It's when the night falls that the staggering difference between solitude and loneliness becomes evident. You could be amongst all the crowd and chaos in the day and wander around, and not care a bit. You could enjoy being the unknown faceless traveler. It's when the night falls and lights dim, and the sky has an orange hue over your head, loneliness starts to creep in. The silence becomes deafening, memories of the bygone days erupts in your mind and your thoughts shatter in the emotional turbulence. You sit down and wonder listening to the only sound that you could hear. The wheels of your train, grinding against the metal tracks, much like your memories against your present day void. I wonder, is this a blessing or a curse? To be able to love, lose and yet live; To remember everything so deeply. To be alive yet to die a little everyday.


 It's been long since you have left, I have got myself accustomed to the mundane life that follows, I have become adamant enough not to admit that you and your memories no longer bother me. Reality, my dear, is strange and hard to accept. You still cross my thoughts, I wonder if you are happy, and assume that you are, much more than yesterday, and much more tomorrow.

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