I would never be able to speak in words, or write it down; the loneliness, the emptiness your absence left behind in my world. those moments spent in the warmth of your cuddle, endless conversations, the awkward silence and the heartfelt laughs. . Those still linger in my heart..

No words could ever describe the 2 A.M void your absence creates. The desire to strike a conversation and not having you around. I did not realize until you went away, home could mean two open hands welcoming me. That soothes me of my heart's ache.


Sloshed. The smell of cheap rag and cigarettes lingered in his room. He remembers the older days where happiness prevailed; Where she'd let him run his hands through her hair and laugh at the tickle. The twinkle in her eyes. Oh and her, she calls him a hopeless Dreamer.


Of your memories, that I cannot forget; the moments of love that we enjoyed; emotions that I left uncaptured on any screen, that keeps replaying itself in my mind, over and again. Words that I left unsaid and poetry that I left unfinished, about you,.about me, about us. Remembrance sometimes is a haunting gift.



Walking down the street,
As the crossroad approaches,
We try to un-recognize
Each others' familiar faces.
That used to be where
We exchanged smiles.

An ocean of memories,
Erupts within us
As we walk past each other.
Sound silence echos in between.
That used to be where
We exchanged words.

The unbecoming of us,
As we dissolve into you and I
The world that we build on dreams.
Tumbles, fails and fades away.
And finally I realize that
We are now what 'we used to be' .

An Ode to Us

You and I.
An incomplete poem,
An unsung melody.

We had apparently no ending,
none said the parting goodbyes;
We evaporated into thin air.

For all my life,
I'll wonder why
I had to let you go.

Q & A's

I hear that question
Even without you asking.
What bothers me.

I wonder.
Have you ever looked into my eyes
And read through them.

Not now.
When we were together.
Before our love vaporized.

You told me.
That I have eyes so dark,
It's impossible to penetrate.

I don't have an answer.
But I do think every night
Was I not enough for you.

I have to ask now.
Is that why,
You looked elsewhere.

Do you read?

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Sometimes I wonder.
Why do I write.
What is it that I try
To portray.
Is it you, or is it
What I expect you to be.

The conundrum.
To dump the past or
To embrace the future.
You of the past or
You that I do not know yet.
Life indeed is chaotic.
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