I remember.
Everything. Way too often.
Just that I've prepared to deny it.

The first flight to your city that day.
The first time we hugged.
The 7 am awkward hug.

My baggage bumped on
To your excitement and
My Heartfelt delight.

The first picture that I clicked
Of us, that day, at your cousin's place.
You pretended not to know.

Your child like enthusiasm
Seeing the floating balloons
And wanting them.

The occasional stolen glances
Out of the corner of your eyes
To watch me enjoy the wandering.

I remember everything.
The odour of your sweat,
That lingered on my chest.

The clutch of your hands
And the scratch marks
My back bore.

The shades of your lipstick
Wiped against my cheeks,
The Wrinkled bedspread.

I remember that conversation,
You told me that it was one night.
You slept feeling safe.

The way we ran into our train
In the last minute.
The midnight ride we had.

I remember how we parted ways
And how it changed me.
A part of I, left with you that day.

We are stories in each other's lives,
That we wish to unread.
How easy it'd be to forget everything.

I remember everything.
Even what date today is.
Just that I've prepared to deny it.

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