The end is not always beautiful

It's been a year. He said to himself, lying down in the hospital bed. He watched as the clock ticked twelve. He sighed. It's been over six months. He was reminded of her.

They were a happy couple. The unusual kind, with a penchant for long rides and vacations. He'd often write her poems while she drew.  It did not last for long. As it's often said, you cannot help when someone falls out of love. The love they shared was shattered. Her void was filled soon after. She still drew and sang but not for him.

He lied in the bed reminiscing that night. She had travel a thousand miles to wish him on his birthday. The best birthday ever celebrated, for someone who never fancied celebrations. It was a year back. It was almost 12 and she knocked on his door, all smiles. He was surprised. He couldn't react for a few minutes.

His thoughts were broken when someone greeted him.. She smiled at him and wished him a happy birthday as she handed him the tablets for that hour.

Memories came flooding into his mind as he couldn't sleep. How things had started to change, from silly arguments to taking longer breaks from her. And then he fell ill. Things got worse even more. His need to withdraw from everything and everyone when health stoops low was something nobody could understand.

Things were getting brighter for her however. She had slowly started to live without him. And of course she did find someone having all the time to speak to her, shower her with attention and love. It did not take much for her to call it off with him. For she had fallen out of love with him and found her new true love.

It broke him to the bones when she left. That's when he started travelling again, alone this time. It was one of such journeys that cost him his legs. It was way past midnight on a rainy night. His beast lost its balance and fell off the cliff. He's been in the hospital ever since. Recovering from the trauma and pain.

He slowly rolled the wheels of his wheel chair towards the window. All it took was a moment to end the agony as he jumped through the windows of the thirteen storied hospital building.

Would she shed a tear at his funeral? Probably not.
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