Worlds do Change !

Tonight would be longer than usual.
The stars may not brighten up the sky.
Yet, it'd be livid.
The twinkling of your eyes.
The burning desire for love, lust and passion.

As your entwined selves come to halt at the bed,
His hands tantalizing your bare back.
As he scrolls through your untied hair
and blows chills into your ear,
and deep kisses on your nape.
You'd lose yourself onto him.

As you two become one,
somewhere down the street,
a lark would sing the song and weep.
Of despair, agony and pain. 
A song of guilt, regret and anger.

You'd clutch his back, make him bleed and yearn for more.
And I, I'd hold on to dear life
and search for purpose.
I have become nothing more than
an ever fading memory.
One where the dust settles.

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