Known Strangers

To write one must endure pain, break his heart. Yell at the top of their voice and talk to the wind and the void, stare at the emptiness within themselves . For that gives them expressions and words . 

To fall out of love, is not so uncommon. From the entwined souls to those who couldn't start each other, to familiar strangers and then finally to two individuals.

But why can't there be a different choice? To fall out of love, yet remain in love. With all the time you have had. With the memories. Why can't there be harmony between the past and the present?  


To lie down awake in a state of denial
Not willing to accept the reality
To be alive yet to feel like dead.

I somewhere know that it must be
The same for you. All the hurt and pain.
But you are just way too stronger.

Things could have been different.
The unbecoming of us, to known strangers
I could have set it right before it was time

There is no more whirlwind and butterflies
There is no long road and starry nights
The colors have faded to the shades of gray.

It's true when they say.
That you can either fall in, or out
It kills. But do I have another choice.

How I wish if bridges can be rebuilt.
But where do you attach the strings that hold.
It'd hang as a memory of days bygone.

A chance is all it'd take.
To set things right.
And it's that we don't have.

I could wait all my life.
For undoing the wrongs that's been
For you to embrace me,Once again.

Grief, hurt and guilt.
That engulfs me.
A drop of tear that rolls out.

Things could have been different.
Only if I took those minutes I spend
On nothingness for better.

May be a time will come
When what's broken is fixed
I lay in a bed. In white.

You'd walk down the road.
It'd rain. Like the clouds weep.
A minute of silence.

I'd be watching over.
From up above.
I'd yearn to hold your hand, even then.

The silver lines in your hair
The wrinkles in your face
You might have aged. Gracefully.

You'd close your eyes for once.
A droplet kissing your Cheeks.
I'd know that I am forgiven.

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