For years
I have only looked at you from far
Not knowing
If I should speak to you or not
I would silently sneak at your picture
And then I see a warm smile on your face
I'd imagine myself being next to you
Looking at you
Without you noticing even
And then you'd go on, Your ways
And I'll wander around, in search of you
And later
When it rains
I see you
Walk by my side
An umbrella in your hand
And then you cover me up as I walk ahead
And then we dance
As the rain cools down
You throw the umbrella away
And then
You and I
Hand in hand
The moon silently following us
To the Beach
And we sit down there
Counting waves
Painting the sky of your imagination
With dreams of our future
Wondering why the waves come back to the coast
Even as it rejects the waves
Where I promise you
To be the wave
To come for you
Everytime you are down
And when you are up
Never to leave you alone
To be the wave
To wash away your worries
And bring you pearls of happiness
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