December Rain

 It wasn't this difficult earlier.
To sit down and let words weave a story.
To get lost in that dream.
To wander in the island of thoughts.

And the it was all gone.
Like how the rainbow did.
The one they saw last time together.
In a moment and no where to be seen again.

And then he walked on, purposeless
Through the plains and the valleys.
The streams were dry, and birds didn't sing.
It wasn't summer even.

He lived through the autumn and spring
Yet the flowers did not blossom.
The words too vanished from his head
Leaving him in a world of chaos

And then it was winter again,
He had returned home by then
Oaks and Pines and Carol songs.
And not a light in his eyes.

And then did she come,
Like rain to the deserted land.
And filled his life with hopes.
Her laughter, that insites passion.

He yearned to be with her.
For her to lie down on him
To look look into her deep eyes,
And see the world in it.

To live in her eyes, and her,
In his arms. Forever. And ever.
She was the paper, and he the ink
Together they were a soothing poetry.

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