Loner and Proud

The fact is nobody likes loneliness. There is a difference between loneliness and solitude. You can fall in love with solitude, but not loneliness. Solitude is a path chosen by the self. Loneliness is often coerced upon you; by people, by life, by experience, by places and what not. At times, you are let to be lonely because you are unacceptable for many, not because you don’t fit in; because they did not expect you to succeed. They judged you to fail and crumble and never to get back up. They never counted you worth.

I have had and still have haters, I have been cursed, and I have indeed felt unaccepted and not welcome amongst people and at places. But to tell the truth, now when I think, it made me who I am. I am proud to say that I am a loner, and I do not have attachments to people or places. Yes, a few exceptions included. Being the odd one out has only strengthened me as an individual and given me the direction to go forward. It has only made realize what life means, and why not to quit.

For those who thought I will never make it out of the darker phase, and that I will bury my face in self-pity about the dead and lamentable past, two words, Fuck You!

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