I have made my New Year resolution, have you?

Mr. Quill, the name that I never understood!!!

I hit his blog on one of those boring days when we bloggers do nothing but blog hopping, and one such hop landed me in a Graveyard. Yes that’s Shravan RN's  Blog. And the usual routine began, I started scanning through his posts trying to understand his work and this got me so much involved that I started feeling as though I know Shravan from years and I badly wanted to communicate with him.  

One email which I posted to him led to so many conversations, nice chats, blog reviews and a friendship unlimited. Today sitting in some part of the world when I received an invite to make a guest post in his blog, I seriously felt like this Boy is passing on a friendly hug for all those beautiful time spent in this E-World.

And with this hug came the responsibility of making a guest post! Now that’s a big challenge for me, making a guest post in a blog which is so full of wonderful posts was really a nerve-wracking thing for me. That’s when I decided I will be just me here; of course what more can I be, when in grave isn’t it????

This time of the year when we are all welcoming a new year, All or most of us make sure to do a check on the things achieved in the year gone by and make a new checklist for the year ahead thereby make new year resolutions and again all or most of us break the resolutions and forget the checklist prepared with in no time, isn’t it?

And that’s most common thing to happen according to most of the surveys. So even after we know that we are bound to not abide by the resolutions set have we stopped making resolutions? Or should we stop making resolutions? I am no one to judge this!!! 

 And so yet again I decided to make my resolutions for 2014. I have promised myself and I have decided very strictly that I will follow these and folks if you are smiling now please don’t cause I have achieved it in 2013 and planning to continue the same resolutions this year because it takes life time to get those things right!!! So here you go with my list 

To dance in the rain,
To rejoice in the warm sun,
To let my hair loose on a windy evening,
And to gather the autumn leaves.

To make more friends,
To smile and make many smile,
To crave for success but laugh at my failures,
And to fall in love with the same person again.

To pray for someone,
To hug and love everyone,
To know more and live more with everyone,
And finally be grateful to the unseen for having given a chance to wish you all a Happy New Year.

Now do you believe me if I say I did all these in 2013? Yes, I again want to continue these in 2014, 2015 and so on. Why make a resolution and be stressed out striving to achieve it? Instead being myself and feeling that bliss of being alive sounds more exciting to me. So I have made my New Year resolution, have you?

I pray the child gets an equally or more vibrant and colourful life as well.

I pray the child gets an equally or more vibrant and colourful life as well.


I'm glad 2013 is almost over

Its that time of the year when many of us start to review the year that is going past. I am  glad, 2013 is almost over, and its the worst year i have ever lived so far. I'd want a miracle to happen for me to remember this year anytime again in my life; and i am quite certain that the remaining 16 days of 2013 won't bring any miracles.

This is a year that made me realize how a handful of decision i made have gone wrong, totally wrong. what has happened is that this year has pushed me to a state of being low, in every possible ways. it has so far been, an year of bad health, personal lows, and unhappiness.

2013 has been a bad year, physically, mentally, emotionally and financially.

i had given up making resolutions long back. i had a to do list for 2013 though, and nothing happened.

1. Travel to new places, visit Mumbai, Kolkata - i traveled to the Emirates  for some days, not quite the vacation sort.
2. Buy a new phone - doesn't seem a possibility in the near future.
3. Buy a RE Bullet - booked and then cancelled, i was broke.
4. Save Money -  a good joke.
5. Read, read and read. - all i managed to read was 5 books. just 5 books.
6. Find Happiness. - the pursuit of happiness, rather solace has led me to do things this year, not the happy sort of things though.
7. Take a vacation from work. -  ended up facing a medical situation, followed by long absence from work and still taking the medicines, recovering slowly.
8. Start paying back the loan. - one of the major worries i discuss in my head every night these days.
9. Blog, at least write more often. - doesn't seem to have got that passion back. i have lost what so ever little ability i had to imagine, and to write.
10.Socialize. - i seem to have withdrawn to myself and have alienated many people this year
11. Rectify the character flaws. yes. i am quite aware that there are a lot of shortcomings in me, not that anyone else doesn't have. there are things i need to rectify to be acceptable. not that i am  a people person and people pleaser. i would never want to be one. the problem is when you misjudged for things your did not do, and accused of things you never know about.
12. Learn to be more tolerant and forgiving. - i have developed the habit of finding fault in myself for every decision that went wrong. i have not be tolerant and forgiving on myself. I have embraced negativity to a point that any hope seems to be beyond the horizon.

As the year is nearing its end, i still have a couple of decisions to make, and i have never been this confused, directionless, and less focused. Adieu 2013.

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