If it's not beautiful, its not the end

He knew he had no much time left, that his days are numbered, and moments are counted. He hardly had any regrets too. She was the only pain in his aching heart. It’s been years since they parted ways. That night, still in his memories. The words they had spoken, not out of anger, and haste, but thoughtful, and practical. She had to leave. He still remembers what he told her.

I will not ask you to come back to me. I know that you have taken this decision after a lot of thinking. And i know that you think this is the best you could do for yourself. You know i don’t deserve you; i am not that you seek.

You have been the only thing my life revolved around.. The way you smile, the way your eyes go, the way you kiss me, the way you breathe and talk to me, when you meet me, complain me, talk to me, when you hug, when you are about to go.. The million emotions that run on your face and mind... he couldn’t help but shed a tear.

He kept thinking about the way they were together... the dreams they saw, the life they wanted to live. His dreams, waking up to her in the morning, her ways of speaking to him, about them, about her wishes, her family, the way she used to wink at him, how beautifully her eyes used to shine..

He kept thinking about the number of times they had a fight, silly arguments and the apologies, the way she used to forgive him, when he apologizes… The places they wanted to travel.. that dream house on the hill top, near the river… the long drives down the slope.

The way she blushes when he compliments her, when his fingers scroll through her hair, the way she bites his fingers…

The night had fallen…

He woke up unconsciously, his life hanging by the thread, at the hospital, and there she was, at his side, to bid him farewell. He did not apologize, she didn’t want him to. She held his hands in hers, kissed him one last time...
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