a year that went by

the usual habit of sitting down and thinking about the year that went by and the good and the bad that happened and the things i wish i havent done, well, no, there arent such thoughts running in my mind today.

i have given up the habit of making resolutions a couple of years ago, and ever since that, i have been trying to learn to put into practice, the art of not being over joyous in success and not being broken down at failures, and i quite know its a demanding task, and one moment at at a time, i am inching closer to it. this year that went by, it was quite good for me, except some mild set back and emotional turmoils, its been a productive year. i am done with my education for now, i have landed on a job, my granny passed away, i have almost sent my dreams to the graveyard, i am in pursuit of happiness again, hopefully better dreams to see, and then, i have earned back quite a no of old friends, and managed not to miss many from the present ones.

though the reflections from the blog entries might contract, i have had a pretty peaceful year in 2012, and i hope, the coming year also brings as much of happy news and succuess it can, and challenges worth tackling. i am glad to have been alive for this long, and to hardly have any regrets and i hope, one day, i when i die, i be remembered for all good things, if any, i have done.

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