a year that went by

the usual habit of sitting down and thinking about the year that went by and the good and the bad that happened and the things i wish i havent done, well, no, there arent such thoughts running in my mind today.

i have given up the habit of making resolutions a couple of years ago, and ever since that, i have been trying to learn to put into practice, the art of not being over joyous in success and not being broken down at failures, and i quite know its a demanding task, and one moment at at a time, i am inching closer to it. this year that went by, it was quite good for me, except some mild set back and emotional turmoils, its been a productive year. i am done with my education for now, i have landed on a job, my granny passed away, i have almost sent my dreams to the graveyard, i am in pursuit of happiness again, hopefully better dreams to see, and then, i have earned back quite a no of old friends, and managed not to miss many from the present ones.

though the reflections from the blog entries might contract, i have had a pretty peaceful year in 2012, and i hope, the coming year also brings as much of happy news and succuess it can, and challenges worth tackling. i am glad to have been alive for this long, and to hardly have any regrets and i hope, one day, i when i die, i be remembered for all good things, if any, i have done.

Stories From My Life

Staying stuck at her was his initial choice, but not anymore. Why care for someone who is all on their own and who'd never be back again, he asked himself pouring down yet another drink to happiness. #StoriesFromMyLife.

Her Life

He could neither face her nor look into her eyes as they settled down in the coffee pub. It has been days since they met last time and so much have already changed for them. He thought her eyes would have lost the sparkle; her voice has already started to break down. He knew she was going to move away from him. For once he looked up and her smile had already vanished.
He gained the courage to look up to her eyes and to his shock it was all glowing, for the new found freedom and life. She could only fake her words and the smile, but not the shine in her eyes. It was expressive of how relieved she is. She hopped from his life like how a butterfly hops for nectar, from one flower to the other.

Stories From My Life

She never wanted to see him alone. She left him in the crowd and walked away, never looking back, shedding all her past with him, there. he stood there wondering how hollow can some words be? how much naked can some words be? how much a lie can some words be ? together forever, seemed delusive for him. he walked off, carrying the burden, and all the pain, and lived the life of a loner, loving his solitude, talking to the shadows, often fighting with imaginary friend from the north.
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