The Things I Lost With You

Words I utter have lost their meaning
I fail to put my heart out and write
Cries I scream have gone unheard
I have lost the voice to reach you
You have turned insensitive
You have become someone who I never knew
The things I lost with you, that day
Peace, happiness and my life.

A stranger so familiar you have become
Crossing my mind every moment I breathe
I have turned psychic in your absence
Every night becomes of torture
To put me into rest, I struggle
Weed, drug and what not have I tried
Your thoughts come back rushing
Every time I try to forget

Now if I tell you what you mean to me
You’d mockingly laugh and walk away
You’d ask, why are you bothered?
Am I not your past? And smile again
The things I lost with you, that day
I have lost count of them
I try to forget those things, in vain
Memories are a curse, sometimes in life

I have known someone so tender
In my past, and i am still there
Stuck, wondering, where to run
I have lost my face, and my faith
I have lost my way too.
The things I tell you from my heart
Laughed off by you, and the indifference
You bring to my life these days

I would want to hate you and
I would want to stop caring for you
Walk away from your thoughts
And I search for hatred in me
Only to find all my emotions gone
The things I lost with you, that day
My senses, emotions and ability to feel
I have become so numb, so lost.

The things I lost with you, that day

Far too many to recollect and remember
I know this, I have lost myself totally
In that glow and depth of your eyes
I can only look into myself and realize
I have lost myself into your thoughts
Of all the things I lost with you, that day
I wish if my soul comes back to me, from you.

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Ramya said...

Shravan, please choose to delete this comment.

Dear Boy, Sorry I dont agree with any of the lines above. There should be nothing and nothing at all that should spoil someone to this extent!!! Life is extraordinarily beautiful if someone every tries to see beyond the barriers which are self created because of one failed love!

A Failed love should be a motivation to come back strong and an assurance that you can love more, there are whole lot of people out there waiting to be loved and cared.

Resorting to bad habits and hating self only shows how weak one was, I dont see a point to fall in love with such a person.

Though I know this is just a poem from your young mind :) I would like to see some motivational thoughts from young people rather than this!!!

Sorry Shravan

Shravan RN said...

I absolutely agree with everything you said, and hence dont find it necessary to delete it. whats the point in writing if criticism cant be accepted or tolerated. i would just say, though i pick up instances from my life to write, i often make it a point that i wont exactly replicate my life in my words in the poems i attempt. it doesnt bring anything new. a little tweaking with my limited imaginating skills, i write, also i find it easier to write about pain, than all the happier things.

I absolutely agree with whatever you said, and much appreciated that you said, you dont have to say sorry too :)

also, you've a mail.

Shriti said...

You spoke your mind! (: <3

Nethra A said...

Is this you speaking or just your imagination?

Priya Joyce said...

The above lines can't be just imagination some experience sure has a part in it undoubtedly.
With heartbreak what I've noticed is it's not intense always. The sadness the anger the loneliness only at some moments you feel you can't beat it. Those are the moments when posts as such come up.

And of course as you said to Ramya it sure is very easy to write abt sadness than abt happiness.

And if it's a true story it's good that you're already wanting to move on. That's the first li'l step you ought to take :))

Shravan RN said...

like all the other times shri :)

Shravan RN said...

its what i want to say, with the imagination as well :)

Shravan RN said...

every single thing we write has a connection with what we have experienced, dreamed, wished and or gone through. and rightly said priya, its not the heart break that causes outrage, but the loneliness and anger you go through.

i love melancholy, like i love puttum kadalem ;)

Ramya said...

Hey Shravan,

very happy that you received my feedback :) and thanks for mailing as well. :D I sent my reply to you.

:)Keep smiling, keep writing :D

Shravan RN said...

:) pleasure :)

DuDo said...

I love the thoughts that flows after a heartbreak.... the heart that seeks solace and a new companion to mend your wounds...

The beautiful verse will touch anyone's heart...

I lyked the words what Ramya said above. There are lots of people waiting to be loved and cared.

There definitely will be a special person who is waiting for your love out there....

Neethu Das.K said...

Like for Ramya's comment,maybe because Im not u,I only find it disturbing!!

Shravan RN said...

:) true all that. life goes on.

Shravan RN said...

yeah, i also like that ramya said. but my point is put clearly right? its easier for me to write pain. not necessarily that i go through it.

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