The Things I Lost With You

Words I utter have lost their meaning
I fail to put my heart out and write
Cries I scream have gone unheard
I have lost the voice to reach you
You have turned insensitive
You have become someone who I never knew
The things I lost with you, that day
Peace, happiness and my life.

A stranger so familiar you have become
Crossing my mind every moment I breathe
I have turned psychic in your absence
Every night becomes of torture
To put me into rest, I struggle
Weed, drug and what not have I tried
Your thoughts come back rushing
Every time I try to forget

Now if I tell you what you mean to me
You’d mockingly laugh and walk away
You’d ask, why are you bothered?
Am I not your past? And smile again
The things I lost with you, that day
I have lost count of them
I try to forget those things, in vain
Memories are a curse, sometimes in life

I have known someone so tender
In my past, and i am still there
Stuck, wondering, where to run
I have lost my face, and my faith
I have lost my way too.
The things I tell you from my heart
Laughed off by you, and the indifference
You bring to my life these days

I would want to hate you and
I would want to stop caring for you
Walk away from your thoughts
And I search for hatred in me
Only to find all my emotions gone
The things I lost with you, that day
My senses, emotions and ability to feel
I have become so numb, so lost.

The things I lost with you, that day

Far too many to recollect and remember
I know this, I have lost myself totally
In that glow and depth of your eyes
I can only look into myself and realize
I have lost myself into your thoughts
Of all the things I lost with you, that day
I wish if my soul comes back to me, from you.

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