Wishes that i wish, come true.

I thought I was joking the first time I said
That your eyes tell me a story, or hide one
There was a glow that pulled me closer
Every time I looked into, like magnet
How I wish, I could spend my time
Every moment of it, looking
Into your eyes, reading the stories
You’d not even know existed
Telling you the stories that your eyes confined
And seeing them glow even better
Spreading joy, all around
How I wish to look deep into your eyes
And then close my eyes looking into yours
Forever, and forever.

The Need To Reinvent Oneself

I have been facing serious problems with the way I write. I have quite lost my way with words and my ability to create some new. I have lost the ability to think fresh and the things I write have been very much circled around one single plot, pain. It’s not that writing about pain is bad, but I guess I have reached my saturation point of writing about it. It has started to bore me down, like many other who find their time to come and read whatever I pen down.

Over the years, it’s natural that one gains a better perspective about the way he wants to write and tries to improve up on them. I have quite failed in that. The fact is I have never tried to improve anything. I never wanted to and then to add to that, my vision has been blurred. I have lost my focus.

There used to be days when I could sit and write on anything, and there used to be days when I would read a lot and write less, what has happened now is I have reduced reading, I have reduced writing even. I can hardly write something more than a hundred words now. I am blinded because of my own inability to think and break the barriers that have come in my way. I have fallen into the trap of not reinventing my passion for something that I love about, something that is a part of me, part of my life.

My blog like its title says has been the place where my thoughts come to rest, when I put them to sleep, but gone are the days when I really did that. Of late, I haven’t been bother about this. I have been in a world of my own, where I was not confident enough to write again. I didn’t know what to write next. The ways I think and imagine have been lost. All I have right now is a clutter in my head, of confusions and chaos and insecurities

Why do I need to reinvent myself? Because I lack the vision of what I want to be, what my life is all about. What am I supposed to do with life, what is my next move? Without the very vision of what I want from my life, how could I even live, that being said, do I live now? No. I don’t. I just exist. I breathe and I exist. I don’t do anything about my life. I have lost the focus.

Reinvent yourself. Go back to your basics, set the goals right and move on, without reinventing yourself, your idea, thoughts, imagination and creativity, your uniqueness everything becomes obsolete and what that does to you? It takes you to the depth of frustrations and depressions. That takes you to a different anger level, something which you can’t control; ultimately it ruins your internal peace. And why is internal peace required? It leads to focus. It is the key to life. Know yourself, know what you want better. Reinvent yourself every while you can, because you are the only you who exist and you can’t afford to lose.

Reinvent yourself, because you are worth it; because you will find yourself to be more happy, and content and focused and since you are focused, you will feel “this is what I want” in life; because you will not be bored of your monotonous life, you’d rather find it interesting, with may be more and new or less and or old people in it; Because you end your depression; Because the vision of what you want from your life will be much clear and working for.

Finding Solace

I sat and drank. I drank till I passed out, to forget all those good days, and then, memories are such a pain, that they come back hurting even more when you want to forget them. I had found my solace in the darkness that encircled me. The loneliness your absence created in my world


She said she would be back soon. He waited. Seconds became minutes, minutes to hours and to days and years. He waited and waited for long, long enough that years passed away and she became a memory, no longer alive. He would have waited for more, but little did he have time. end had come.
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