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Have you ever felt that your purpose in someone's life is so over, yet you stay back because you once had a purpose and you can’t let go?

Have you ever been in a dilemma whether to stay or to leave? Both being harder choices to make? Have you ever been in a situation where you asked yourself am I doing it right this time?

Have you ever thought what would happen when you leave? But before that, have you ever thought what you get when you stay, if it’s worth all the pain you take? Have you ever weighed your choices on people?

Have you ever thought of letting everything go and watch life spread in front of you? Have you ever dreamed of the being the free spirit you once were? Before all the dependencies tied down your wings?

Have you ever lived for yourself? Have you ever realized that you are only answerable to yourself? Have you ever felt that your life is entire how you want it and how you make it? That you are on your own?

Have you lived your life the way you wanted? Have you been true to yourself?

Let it all go. Let the mind be free. Release all the clutter. There is a world out there. Let people solve their own problems. Build your life... Live. Free.

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Shomoita said...

Did you notice? We both posted some questions in our latest posts. ;)

And it's a good way convert an email into a blog post. :P

And I already answered. :)

An idea just crossed my mind. Shall I make it a tag post? I'd like to polish my answer! :P

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