Making Life's Calls

I probably won’t have an explanation for the calls i am going to make in couple of days; i probably might regret it sometime later. But then, there are no forever rights and wrongs. The calls that i have to make are tough ones. It includes more than me, more than my life. It includes people. A handful of them. Making the calls even toughest to make. But i have to it, i do not have an explanation now, i won’t ever have also. All I know is that i am doing what feels right for me at this moment. All I am doing is what my heart tells to do me. I have reached a stage where my decisions are well thought. I have been taking responsibilities of what i say, and what i do, and i will not stop from doing that. But the calls am going to make now aren’t well thought, they aren’t the products of my thinking brain; neither are they the products of my heart alone.

Emotions come into picture. Last three years, i have been trying to learn to keep my emotions under control and check, and i have been quite successful in that. I have control all the emotions running through my mind these days, whether it be the positive emotions or the negative emotions. Thanks to a number of people who taught me such valuable lessons. Trust me, now, i am more than happy that you people left, create a void in my life, which made me this strong enough, to live through, not that i do not miss you people, but i have gotten over you all, and i still cherish the font memories of all the good times we have had together, friends, best friends and ex-girlfriends. Today, i am going back to that stage which i purposefully got over, where emotions play a vital role in my decisions, but i am confident enough that this time i am dependent only on myself, and quite sure that, i can still hold back the emotions from outpouring and over powering the decisions i make.

I think it’s time i break hold of a lot of attachments now, it’s time i move you and start making a stand for my own, a position for my own, not that every one doesn’t do it. But in order to do these, i am to make the calls which are going to be hurting, paining, and which would leave a cut which would bleed forever. I may hurt people, people who are close, who are the reason why i exist now, people who made me, me, people who taught me things, people who gave my life the direction. Its time, i take the road on my own. Whatever is to come, let it come! All i know is, right now, i am doing what i feel is right. I do not have justifications, and i wouldn’t mind apologizing once when i know i have been making the wrong calls.
Let Time Tell.

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