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Last week, I had come home. I had come for my holidays. In fact it’s the project period now, but anyways, I am almost done with it, and well I thought of taking a break. Like I mentioned in the previous post, I needed time to cool off and heal. I wanted to sleep over all the hurts and get back to my normal self. Meanwhile, my best friend who is at Bangalore mailed me her pics at the flower show. Yep, I missed it. The flower show that happened in Lalbagh gardens last week. And I have no clue if it’s still going on there.

Well, and good, last Friday, I went back to Bangalore again, with a possible lie at home. Actually, not just one lie, a couple of lies, and in fact, no lies, I adjusted a couple of things to go home and come back again. I could have stayed at Bangalore for one extended week and reached today morning, but I had other plans.

I missed the flower show, which my friend said was pretty good.  Talking of adjustments, there were 3 reasons why I had adjusted things at my end. 1. Meet my project guide, who I happens to called chechie, elder sister, and she looks up to me like more than a student or a brother, I with all my stupidities is one listener who she needs, and one who could tell her all the philosophies to make her  feel good. 2. I had to visit the office where I am doing my project which happens to be the place where the well-known poet, Leo – Vinay works.  Now these are the two reasons what I said home to go back to Bangalore in less than 5 days after reaching home. 

The third reason is exactly the only reason why I had to go back. I missed the flower show, but I Met THE PINK ORCHID -Kajal, the name with which i have known and loved her..  A couple of years  back, there was this novice kid, who is very new to the blogs world, and there was this celebrated blogger, one who writes amazing stuffs, The Pink Orchid. The day one he started reading her, he just became a fan. He hasn’t quite found someone who can use all the simple words in the world and in the language and make all emotions and feelings come to you. She was the only one who he found ‘writing her heart out’. It wasn’t like there weren’t any other bloggers; she was altogether in a different class. 

This kid started following her, and he was always reluctant to leave comments in any blog, but he would make sure that he leaves at least one work in her blog every time he reads it, and he used to wait eagerly for her to update her blog. It’s through her blog that he found many others also, including Anil Sawan and Leo. He even now doesn’t know how he reached ‘The Pink Orchids’ Blog.  And the time went on, and one fine day, there was a comment on the kids’ blog from her, and it was almost like ‘I wish I had a brother like you, or something like I can understand all what you write in your blog’ or of that sort... and there it started all. Chechie and Monu. 

It wasn’t the first time for me to meet people who I find online in real, it had happened quite a no. of times. And this time, day before yesterday, 29th Jan 2012, Sunday, I met the pink orchid, and it didn’t feel like I was meeting her for the first time. It was like she has been my chechie for a longer time. I happen to carry the affection and connection that I make in the virtual world to my real life as well. People say you can’t trust everyone who you find online, but from day one that I started using internet, the first thing I did was to trust the people I meet, it wasn’t blindly trusting, for I am reserved to a lot more extend. It would really take a lot of time for me to get along people. And with pink orchid, it was like the connection was very much extended to my real life, and no wonder why I didn’t think twice to irritate her, bug her, and demand all the attention I need and trust me, she made me feel so special, so childish. And I loved it. 

Met her over lunch with Anil and Vinay. If it was with anyone else, I would really ignore meeting people for lunch time. I am one of a kind who doesn’t eat much, but drink a lot of water, and many won’t understand if I say that I don’t eat, exactly the reason why I avoid meeting for lunch, and the same thing happened yesterday also, not that I didn’t have anything, but she was upset that I was eating less, and eating slow. Loved the way you showed your care chechie...

Bugging people, I was at my best on Sunday, and I can talk like blah blah blah forever and forever and make you feel more bugged and this lady listened to it call, without even asking me to stop for a second, and she smiles cute. That would be the best gift she can give to anyone I believe, a smile that wins anyone’s heart.

Phew... I am running out of words to write anymore. Let me just wind up, and cherish all the memories of the good times, I had on Sunday, and praying that it’s just a beginning. I would just take a second to say thanks for coming over to Bangalore and for making me feel so special *pain in the **** and giving all the time and attention.

I really don’t know what to write about Vinay, we both have been seeing and travelling together for the last one month, and meeting him for the first time was one experience, which I would make a post later some time. Trust me.

This post wouldn’t be complete if I don’t mention about Anil like how I commented on her blog, how much care and affection and concern he has for his best friend, and you both, be like this forever, blessed. 

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sawan said...

some one is spending all his time at home in blogs!!! lazy lazy bowy :P

its was wonderful to meet you again and you would agree that even though we have met before, this long conversations have never occurred in the past!! it was beautiful!!

tomorow i would go home and be exactly like you. lazy :P yeyyy

Leo said...

Meeting me first time was an experience? Oh. Tensed now.. :( Good or bad one?! * fingers crossed *

Don't think can ever forget 29/1/12. Not talked to her before, like Sawan. Not chatted with her much, of late. But it felt like I've been meeting her always.

The Pink Orchid said...

the comment the comment the comment :)

I have read this post 5 times since yday. Especially the sentence in "pink" has been read quite a few times.. :)

Love the blog template Shravan.. Can see a tint of Sawan in here too.. :)

And about the best..

Monu, you have given my loving heart back to me. The power to feel strong emotions and to put them into my words, trust me, is back. In other words, "The Pink Orchid" has revived and will never lose herself again. Who wants a zillion comments, a million followers (they are good if the come ;) but when I have you around.. "Always a good boy, Always" :) I have become a big big admirer of cuteness Kiddo.
Even when I didnt understand your malyalam banter, I loved the way you kept on going 'coz the message was quite clear "Chechie, I have all the rights to bug you" :) and you were quite good at it.

I can go on and on and there'll be a big post here, in your comments section. So I will just shut up with ---- "I Love You, Monu!!" -- My Brother from Another Mother :D

The Pink Orchid said...

and yes this link will be permanently posted to my blog's side bar pretty soon!!! (i hope you permit :P)

Shravan RN said...

Someone is all busy getting things that he prioritized to do for this holidays and regarding blogs, updating and everything that relates, it’s not being lazy, it’s about being lost, about what needs to be done.
Yep, I would definitely agree that it was the first time we spoke that long, that too about things that connects us, blogging, writing, people and ways of writing. It was indeed beautiful, and time just went by, in fact it flew..
Enjoy being at home Anil. Eat well, sleep well.

Shravan RN said...

It was an experience meeting Leo, the amateur poet than meeting Vinay, that too a good one.

i never spoke to her, infact i said, not to call me, and chats wise, she is being bugged a lot these days, and like i wrote, it wasnt like the first time.

Shravan RN said...

@Kajal, The Pink Orchid
The pink color, intentionally put to highlight how much it meant for me to meet you, and to know that you are going to be here for me, always, and forever.

The template, all credit goes to Rahul Anand (www.eternalthinker.blogspot.in), who I constantly bugged and is being bugged even now.

I am proud to listen to you call me what you know me and to be your brother, and you know it better, and if you say that what I wrote did help you in reviving the pink orchid, and her writing self, which is amazing, and definitely requires a better word to define, it would be an honour. Trust me. All I wrote was my heart out, like I would have done any other time.

And bugging you, it was fun. The kid in me will never grow up, rather I like him to be like that in me. He helps we win hearts, and keep them, more importantly, he helps me pull up and move on every time I fail and fall. He makes me want to learn and correct and you for sure, are my sister from another mother, who I wouldn’t want to miss ever. <3 U

Now talking of this post finding a permanent place on your blog, the pink orchids space, that would again be a privilege and would mean a lot for me, making me to kill the lightest of the thought to delete my blog, which you three, Kaj, Anil and Vinay were again. No. I wouldn’t delete it.

<3 U. Monu.

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