The Year That Just Went By

ALRIGHT. I AM SUPPOSED TO HAVE 3 GUEST POSTS BY @NethraAnj, @Mischief_Monger and @FakeMallu here. thats what i had thought initially. but well, its been quite some time i gave this place any due attention. honestly, i wasnt living a life worth happening. its been filled with routine things, routine people, and nothing much. leaving all that part, its time i do the customary, year ending blog update. yep a summary of the year that went by..

2011 hasnt been a happening year for me except for some personal problems, say relationship crisis. but, i have become so stabilized about my emotions that i do not break down anymore. i have lost that feeling so low and down about such incidents in life. its not that they dont hurt me, it does. but they doesnt break me down any more.

2010 and 2009 two years which helped me change, in a lot of ways. the way i see, think, feel, decide, everything had changed during that period. ever since that, i have quite managed to be stable and independent, emotionally. i have gotten rid of the dependencies on people, and their time, and i have kissed quite a no. of people good bye from my life. not because i wanted to, but they made their choices, and i made mine too.

2011. it just passed by me calmly most of the times. the year started on a low note with not much of happenings, and the NY Night being celebrated in the hostel room. and then exams followed, holidays happened. came back to bangalore. i guess meeting @a_sawan and @_VinayR @NethraAnj happened this year. have i lost my memories, i dont know. i guess it happened this year.
now you understand how much of this year i have lived. i have been totally ignorant.

i have found a good no. of friends this year in college. unlike my UG days where i hardly had friends, here, i am happy i have a handful, and the best thing is, they have taken me as i am. i shout, i fight, i use swear words, i show middle finger, i abuse, they understand. and they help and it felt good when someone said, till i met you, i have always believed blood is thicker that water, but you made me realize that water can be as thick as blood, and i am happy, i have been able to stay by that someone, when ever they needed, and when ever i can.

about my blog, it has been kept ignored and left out most of the times, the only time i got updates was when i was going through relationship crisis. october to december, its been good. my relationship status has gone from in a relationship through its complicated to under breakup process. i do not regret or feel sorry and sad for this, but this is the best of what could happen. and it hasnt broken me apart a bit. not even a minute point, rather i made me stronger and practical..

some plans didnt work out this year. i wanted to buy a camera so badly. but that didnt happen. its not that i click good photos, but i wanted to experience and learn it, because i love it.

other than all these, my life, is pretty simple, and heading straight. nothing great. i have grown one year old, a lot wiser, and still learning from my life, and making sure i still have a long way to go.

the coming year, i would want to do a couple of things.

giving this place a lot more attention, one thing i want to do, but i think that wont happen. i some how have lost all the inspirations and do not find any inspiration to write on. also, i have stopped complaining about life and its happenings, thus making me go topic less to write. i have lost it totally. but yes, i wouldnt quit. i will hopefully be searching for another source of inspiration, and come back over here again.

i have been listening to people say that i operate as a closed system these days. i hope that it has come to me with the emotional stablity i have gained, i no more believe in forever and promises, and i have been acting pretty judgemental in life. i have been living my life, but i have been calculating also. every choice i made this year, was thought and made. no free calls were made, and i have started taking and accepting responsibilities.

the coming year, i would want to function as an open system, give people chances, give the newer ones in my life their chance and my time. i have had a past with people. but that doesnt mean every one are the same. its time, i accept it, and let people be with me, give them time and attention and start socializing again. i have been acting so closed and happy with the handful i have, but i realize at the same time, others, do deserve a chance.

mid 2012 is gonna be very crucial for me. and i hope i am gonna be ready for facing life. 2012, lets roll. i am waiting. :)



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sawan said...

happy new year bro :)

Rakesh Vanamali said...

Redefining Oblivion wishes you a Very Happy, Healthy, Prosperous and Purposeful 2012, and beyond.

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