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4 years. thats how long i have been here. 2007 december 8. the very first update was made here, the name of the blog wasnt this, it didnt look like this also. from there i have come a long way, met many people, and i have changed to. so have this blog.

i never wrote to please people. why blog then ? because i wanted some space. where i can talk, where i can scribble and what not. i love poetry. call me no pro in it. all i do is to write from my life. my life is my topic, thats the only thing i can write with authority.. my life is all i have, and thats what lives in here to.

i wanted space and i had it here. then it took forms. when i wanted to grab attention, i got it from here, and this place did help me in lot many ways. the way i am, this place defines it. how much did my life teach me? a lot. what all have i gone through ? experiences. what have i gained? knowledge. what have it done to me, made be better. how do i feel about it ? happy. what did i realize from here, i am on my on and so are everyone else. their own.

why the blog? because i wanted space.
who are my audience? why physical existance
who write here? my alter ego
what does he write about ? my life and its moments
what is my favourite topic ? life. it amazes me and him
what difference has blogging done to me ? nothing much. i love being here.
will i ever quit blogging ? never.
am i bothered about readers comments and everything else of blogging ? no.
why so ? because this is my space to come and kill my thoughts, if someone reads, and appreciates, i will be happy. if someone relates,i will again be happy. if someone criticizes, i will learn. if someone ignores i will ignore.
what is this blog all about ? my life again.
what do i write? lines called poems from my life, moments of my life.
what the title "graveyard"? because its here that i kill all my thoughts.

what changes have this blog gone through ? it used to be a clean ade of my lifes happenings once. i then realized the need for keeping things to myself and have taken away being so personal over here. yet, everything i write relates directly to my life, it leads to my life.

what do i give people ? trust. i trust people.
what if they break it? they wont ever stay again in my life.

what do i love? everything about life
what have i learned? to live and never to complain. to not get attached to anything. to act matured.
what do i still do ? complain.
why ? because its still human nature.

what do i plan next ? blog.shravanraghunath.com
why ? because i still need space.
when ? i do not know.

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Chinnu Nair said...

Had i not tried explaining to myself why i was blogging...
looks like some one knows speaking out better

Shravan RN said...

hey Cee Pee quite a surprise to see you here :)

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