Happy Being Sad

He would wait for her to pass by him,
A nod of head, his gesture would be
And a heartwarming smile, hers.
Or he would walk down all the way
And stand by the tree, to catch a view,
His heart, skipping a beat, every time.
Things were more unsaid between them.
No letters were even exchanged.
Yet she managed to read his heart.
How much ever did he fake to prove stiff,
She unfolded the tender side in him.
She knew him, and all his inferiorities.
Nothing did she say, except that
I’ll be around when you’re down.
If having you by my side is
What I get for being sad,
I would forever be sad, and
Happy having you around me..
He whispered in her ears and
hand in hand, they walked forever.

4 Shared Thoughts:

DuDo said...

The new love story begins ;)

Chocolate Lover said...

It's B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L <3 :D

Hehe, really Sweet ^_^

Shravan RN said...

love is always new dudo. only people change

Shravan RN said...

i know :) thanks dear :)

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