A Life Of Maybe's

May be things are meant to be like this... breaking your heart and yet living your life... May be you’ve more lessons to learn and life could be the best teacher to have. It doesn’t teach you through explanations, but instead through experiences. May be you’re on your own all the way, all alone, all along, all alone... May be you’re to stumble and fall, may be you’re to rise and fly high may be all the sufferings you live through are for a better good, you’re to reach some heights. May be you’ve better things in store. May be you’re to die the next moment. You never know what life has in store for you. Never complain, live and let live, to the full of it. May be its full of surprises, just like that you die one day, and then all it ends.

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The Pink Orchid said...

I commented but my comment got deleted. Remove word verification. The post was direct from the heart. :D

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