The Way Thoughts Go

may be i will have to go back to those days
where u didnt exist, where i didnt know you
may be i will have to fake a sleep, covering,
my head in the pillow that bears your smell
may be i will have to wet my lips myself,
thinking of the days that went by.
the sweetness of you lingers though
may be i will have to stay prepared to say NO
in vein, when you will walk out saying
i wont ever be back. wont ever.

A Life Of Maybe's

May be things are meant to be like this... breaking your heart and yet living your life... May be you’ve more lessons to learn and life could be the best teacher to have. It doesn’t teach you through explanations, but instead through experiences. May be you’re on your own all the way, all alone, all along, all alone... May be you’re to stumble and fall, may be you’re to rise and fly high may be all the sufferings you live through are for a better good, you’re to reach some heights. May be you’ve better things in store. May be you’re to die the next moment. You never know what life has in store for you. Never complain, live and let live, to the full of it. May be its full of surprises, just like that you die one day, and then all it ends.

Letting Her Go

Tears pouring down her eyes
Silently she wept in the dark
The pain in her heart
Let known to none but him

She smiled and spoke to people
Joy, her face had, in the light
Hidden behind the fake smiles,
She wept even in the light.

Nobody noticed; they said-
She is warm; lively
And with every word she heard
She cried even more.

In the hour of the dark
She removed her mask
He stood, watching her, in tears
He hugged her, no words did he utter.

A sea of silence echoed in between
She has to leave, and forever.
He has no questions to ask
For he knew, what even a pause meant

She wept on his shoulders
Drawn on his chest, in blood
The symbol of her love.
He kissed her away.

In her bridal attire she stood
He at far, eyes wet
Wished her luck and mourned deep
In her eyes, he read the pain

In her face, he saw the smile
The best gift, to her parents she gave
Sacrificing all her dream, all joy
And her happiness, her life.

At the price their smile
She left him forever
He understood, the deep pain in her
For, no other can ever do it, better.


Dear love
burnt is the corpse
the soul remains.

eteral you're
though the body decays.

Where Words Wont Be Enough

No words do I have to tell you
Burning deep my skin, tears that you shed
Words, that left unsaid, and unheard
Nothing do I have to tell you now
I know, you won’t ever listen even if, I have
To shout,  or to yell at you. You’ve decided
Moving away from me, is your option
And to live without you, in pain.
To disguise as happy and calm
To weep and never to let you know
Life sure is, good indeed,
Except for all the pretensions.

Split Screen Sadness

He woke up to emptiness. His days will never be the same again. The vacuum started to surround him. Slowly, he started to choke and suffocate. He wanted to cry, he couldn’t. he want to rise and run away, he couldn’t. he wanted to escape. He failed. Bound by the memories, he lived, his life.

Title Credits : Shomoita Alam

He Kissed Her Away

all he wanted to do was gaze deep into her eyes and read all that she wanted to hide. all he wanted was to know how much she loved him, and all he saw was a drop of tear, and that was the answer for all his questions. he knew everything. he kissed her away.


Questions that he doesn't have Answers

She asked him a thousand questions.
He didn't have any answers.
She looked deep into his eyes.
All she could see was undying love for her.
They spoke, in the sound silence between them.
Finally she asked him, you understand me, na?
And he answered, in his broken voice
Who else will EVER baby ?

His Life

she couldnt stop the tears rolling down her eyes.
he couldnt find a way also.
She hugged him tight for one last time, he was lost.
finally he whispered in her ears,
every single drop of tear that falls down from your eyes will take away one day from my life.
she cried even more.
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