Her Life

mild and meek her voice
deep and emotionless her eyes
slow steps, head down, eyes wet
she walks down the road.
her attire torn, hands bleeding
people shout, in pity, and she
moves alone, along, in silence
tears rolling down her cheeks
she walked, towards her destiny,
her cries, unheard, questions, unanswered.
and there, they,fun ride of their life
taking away, her life from her,
men, no beasts, you call them.

why did i quit?

yes, why did i quit.. i have been asking this question to myself quite a lot of times and have been giving the same answer "block" forever.. the same answer to who so ever asked me to.. yes, a handful of people did bother to ask me why i stopped coming over here and writing down my thoughts.

to be frank, it was never the block. no, it wasnt. it was because all of a sudden it started to feel for me like, i dont really write anything thats worth sharing.. it felt like, what ever i scribbled down didnt make any sense, and every time i read back what i have written, i felt like is this the level i write? come on kid, is that all? a fifth grade student can pen down better than you..

very well, now that its gone, i thought from another angle, rather i listened to someone worth listening, who said me, it doesnt matter how you write, when what you write is true, and what you write is what you mean to write..it doesnt matter how u feel after writing, its the one who reads what ever you write, got the right to comment, to rate, and if there is something good about your writing, thats the simplicity you bring, and the words you prefer.. i was like omg, when did you get into my blog for this long and read it all? and then the answer was, not everyone can bring feelings to life, and you kind of do that.. you just dont have to worry about the way you write, you just kick yourself and start penning again..

very well to say, i am here.
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