Trying the Untried

it has been long time.. long time since i penned down some thing here.. what happened? nothing.. i just left on one fine day.. i stopped writing, then i gave up reading too, i got in to my personal life for a longer time and then messed it up all.. and then i wanted to pen down my thoughts again, just like the other days, and then, all the words went missing..

it wasnt the same when i came in for the first time, it wasnt the same when i stayed, and it wasnt the same when i left, and it isnt the same now also.. a lot many have left this place, a lot many of who i read and who read me, who i could connect with, and then a lot many new, who i havent seen or read has come here, and some have changed their homes.. i guess, its time i figure out it all again.. its time i search and find my words and try and give them life, one more time..

today, i do not promise that i would write here again, but i promise that i would atleast try and write something.. and all the promises are to my alter self.. the one who wants to write still..
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