in your eyes, i could read the desire
that can never be satisfied
yet we try, and we try till we fail
embracing us, then is, death.

Smiling So Fake

as the sun sets behind the horizon
my mind goes back to the age of nine
my world was made of books, papers and love
people were goodm and all merry

As i recline to my bed post
and think, of those days, when
walking in the rain was fun
getting a candy from dad was bliss.

As tears roll down my eyes, i realize,
gone are the days of joy
what i have now, is a world
so fake, bogus and pathetic

Living for the sake of it
detached from the emotions
a smile so fake brightens up
the darker side of life.

My Life

clouds in the breeze is my life
a wanderer, i, in the world of lost,
in search of eternal love, i sail,
through the endless sky
struck with the lightning bolt
like the rain, i come down
failing to find the love of my life
i quit, i fall, i die.


as she unmasks,
fallen is the fake smile,
revealing the true face
the bitch who was once a slut.


In your eyes, wet, that fail to reflect,
in the sound silence, echoing between us
i feel, the pain of parting..
Who? You or me? I wonder
and so lately, i realize
moving ahead is time, always
of you and of i, and here,
we stay, talking of what happened,
when the next, just happened.
Moments, silly they seem,
counted together, you never know
what you lost, what you gained too
life, it goes on, on and on
and here, i lay, in my grave
and you, i know not.

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