What I Lost and What I Gained, In A Day

Things I missed to attend the blogger meet there.. starting from a good Sunday morning sleep to valuable hours of exam preparation. Well I didn’t miss what I usually miss, break fast.. yes I woke up early jus to have a half cooked “masala dosa” as my mess people say, which will have raw potato, half cleaned, and then well I missed the grand lunch of so called vegetable biriyani, which again, ofcourse as they say, and I missed the nights dinner also.. much important of all these, I missed some study time.. yes, my university exams started today and the first paper sucked big time as I expected. So I missed the combined study time where we would sit and curse the new HOD.. how arrogant and boasting she is, till hours.. hours worth attending, I missed to gain what?

To listen to @Leonnyes coin a new term #indiwait which ofcourse we will be using it all the times waiting for the #indibus, but again, no complaints, we understand.. commuting through a thick traffic isn’t easy.. well I waited for an hour and damn I hear @vineethrajan say green bus which he meant was blue mazda.. my mistake actually and well I reached the venue, not to miss a couple of calls from @a_sawan well I heardly know the places around Bangalore, so I kept on reading the road side signs, as simple as that.. well again to mention the #locationupdate tag, which dint even stream, and glad that @kamroxz found it good :D thank to the slow moving @indistream displayed @indiblogger s web site..

Reaching the venue, I caught up with @leonnyes and then @connect2dil and @leonnyes introduced me to two of his buddies @rmajumdar and @mizarcle and then I met tousif, whose twitter handle I ofcourse forgot.. not to miss out @flyfiddlesticks @pranxter @msigeek..

Now what I really experienced @ ISCKON #indiblr meet is a different day.. starting with the introduction of #akshayapatra foundation and what I does, it really touched.. well, I am not writing more about #akshyapatra in this post, till is all silly, but the experience was good, so was the lunch, a different one.. and I missed @kaveerr and @teachmetech.. didn’t get to meet them.. so with @desibond who tweet the location, fourth row, I started counting and I counted on and on, well I am never good with numbers..

And then the return trip, that was the best time! Had enough fun talking to everyone and then it took enough of my time.. got down at forum along with @anuragnilesh, @dipa_c and @raghavasatish and then, well, they had to “sacrifice” their wish to have north indian food for my wish to stick to southiee, basically for my health issues.. and the dinner was even better.. a heavy dinner, unlike the rest of my days and then reached back to my room at 10.30.. well I still had my exam preparations pending

Reaching room, I was all tired and slept off in new time, yes I dint get into twitter added some handles to favourite to follow, and lied to @leonnyes that I was going to study, and well I slept off.. I lied

And today, the exam, sucked big time. Worth performing bad, when compared to the day I had yesterday… yes I missed something, but I earned a lot, a day, worth remembering..

PS : if my indirank goes down, its all coz of @vineetrajan, just because I didn’t live tweet anything good about him.

*- if I have missed mentioning anyone else who I met there, please forgive the ignorance and add your name in comments.


burns deep down my skin
tears from your eyes
words said by me
in a moment of rage.

Tomorrow Awaits

Find time to wish and hope,
Find time to pray to your lord
When through doubts and darkness
You blindly move, or otherwise even.

Pray, till you heal.
The heart, then shall be,
No more heavy, and the hurt,
You, no more feel.

Believe, that you can mend,
Dream, all your troubles-
Come to and end, know
There definitely is future.

Look forward, to a new tomorrow,
And then, life is never hopeless,
However great your pain, your sorrow,
Life, still has its meaning.
Thank god, for the promise-
Of the new day breaking,
That you see through the window,
Though you heart aches and soul bleeds.
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