Sweating to Death

Of unknown worries I cry
Wake up, seeing creatures of night
Dark around me, clouds dance
And skeletons sing, song of love
Black and blue, shades on road
From the land of dreams you come
And my mind, so turbulent
Tint of fear, rattle my heart
Waking up, I see the white
Of a new beginning, but damn!
Where did I lose my soul
In the dark? In the blue? Or
In your undying passion for me?
Sealed by your lips, I sweat to death.

4 Shared Thoughts:

Mind Writer! said...

Good read. I could understand the lines a bit I guess. I'm loving the pace of your coming back to writing. Keep posting.

Chocolate Lover said...

loved it :D

SindhuBhairavi said...

its a nice to know that we both made kind of a comeback almost at the same time :) after almost the same gap!

good poem.. created visuals and awakes emotions.. kind of dreamy..

keep writing.. i repeat, you are good at it!

Lipin Ram said...

ESCAPE is my advice!!

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