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Having said that i moved to bangalore two and a half months back, well i have been extremely passive here, and the reason being availability of network connection, let me go back to the initial days at bangalore

yes, new atmosphere, new friends, new people, new life style and a whole new me.. it was like that.. well yes, building te friends group was the first thing to do and having a room mate who hails from your own place who was your classmate in UG is definitely an advantage.. so Me and R are here ! ofcourse i came to te garden city with two purposes in mind, my PG and then S. and meeting S was the 2nd thing i did here ! and omg... it felt awesome meeting her after a long long long break..

so with R and Me, MS and SK came to the group.. and then it was GGs turn to call me the selfish wrong attitude kind, well i do agree that i have the so called attitude thing, but selfishness, dear having given myself the first priority in life, that too after a series of mistakes, i discard that comment, knowing your priorities and being selfish are two entirely different issues. but well GG made it easy for all of us to gel and get along so along with GG same IF and LPT and HJ ! and then that was it

SRN, RA, MS, SK, GG, HJ, LPT and IF.. first week at college and wow we have a gang ! and then came the bloody thing ! i hate taking up responsibilities, but when put on my head, i dont mind taking that freedom granted.. there you go SRN and GG are officially the class leads for the class and with two lazy people like us, well you cant just imagine the way that class is managed !

talking about academics, omg.. am learning 7 new subjects and man accouting stuff is driving me crazy.. how invented all these principles and stuffs?

well its time i get back and concentrate on "Project One"
so later


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Mind Writer! said...

Great to see you building a group. At least you won't have complaints like UG here, for not having like minded people around. I can guess how exciting it is for you to also have S by your side. You've waiting a long, nah? Love this lively optimist YOU! Keep writing. :)

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