And A New World

so finally i have moved out of town as i wanted to do, and i have reached where i wanted at this moment of time. i am at bangalore and thats the place where the girl for me stays, hopefully, everything ends up well for me n her.. oh yes, i am committed at this young age of 21+ and i am loving it to the core.. met her twice and now that count will go up and up

Life hasnt changed much relocating here, new friends, new people and new environment, and i am so totally loving this.. i have always worried about how i am gonna survive when i leave home, leaving behind my choice of food and times.. but well, am glad about that too.. hostel mess, as of now, is yeah, pretty good, that i expected it to be..

what more to say? i no more have access to fb and twitter and the good old orkut here, damn the college lab admins have banned it all.. i hope to get my lappie babe to me soon, and yes, i have hot pursuit shield in it.. it will run i guess.. so thats all the updates as of now

its coffee time at hostel mess
signing off and running away to the lift

with lots of love, shravan, the outsider :)

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k.ø.c.h.ü said...

n thatz cool ;)

$$ said...

All the best; hope the new place in store for u all the wonderful things!

et said...

Shravan, hope you're totally enjoying the new things in your life, and having fun! :)

Shravan RN said...

@ Dr. Kochu, @ SS, and @ ET
all fine and enjoying :) am lovin't :) thanks

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