there years ago, exactly three years and 2 months ago, they broke his heart and put him an "asylum" and ordered him, thats where you are to stay for the coming 3 years. he had almost broken their heart and killed all their hopes by then and all they wanted was to see him close and near and not to get lost in life's track.

hell, he called his life then and began to live his life at his virtual home, and virtual family, and there he gave words, life and they live.. they often called him as the one blessed to touch hearts with words and cursed to break them with words.. and he never changed.. soon he settled with what he had and brought his life back on trackly.. slowly and steadily life came revealing infront of him in its full and he fell in love with it.

that is when his way with words got lost.. with life treating him in the right way, he had nothing to worry about, all he had to do was enjoy and stay calm and take note of life's little surprises, and he lost his way with words that he failed to jot them down at his virtual home.. at the place where he virtually exists..

now that every good thing comes to an end, so is with his life. the new phrase of his life is to begin soon.. to the place he wanted to migrate 3 years back, he is being relocated, and last time he wanted to go with his full heart, and this time, he is leaving his heart and soul behind, and relocating his physical body to the new location, though he wants to carry his heart and soul with him..

a much wanted change and relocation he calls it, a life changing relocation he calls it, and hopes it be like that.. and with that, his worries and tensions and all are back, and thus, he hopes to be a frequent visitor at his virtual home again, and to get his words back and give them life !

now that its one post i put in some efforts, summing up saying, am gonna be at bangalore soon, doing my MBA there at The Oxford College of Engineering-TOCE, Bommanahalli - Bangalore.


take me up to thy abode
there is no better time than this
all i could feel now is, bliss !
there is no better time to die
than be happy and calm
the purpose of my life
no more can i see or feel

take me up to thy abode
bless me, with eternal peace.
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