It Was Never The Same

it wasnt the same ever.. like Et said last time, breaks, i take them and return back.. those breaks were just breaks, but now this feels read bad.. real worse.. its not like i dont have anything to pen down, its like you dont feel like penning your thoughts down.. total laziness.. its like you have the gun pointed at your enemy nearing you but you are lazy to pull the trigger. man whats happening with my thought flow?

where are those negatives? those worries? those positive thoughts that i finally find to keep myself up and cheerful? why is life so boring? so so so unproductive ? is it am getting lazy or is it, like, having done with the purpose of your life and now wait to reap the results?

it wasnt never the same.. it wasnt.. i never had to take and pen and sit and think and write down and the strike and cut through and rewrite and edit and read and proof and hell ! every single thing in penned down, all it came to me.. all i had to do was type them down pen them down and not to worry.. but now for this some time, its all different.. the feeling of the lost.. of the void, of vaccum, thats all i can feel..

i dont even feel lonely.. but i dont feel like i am in a crowd as well.. i dont feel sorry about anything, but i dont feel the need of anything too..

on the positive side of life, am gonna get busy, am gonna leave kerala soon !

and even more better thoughts, i might switch from blogspot domain to a personal one, the only thing thats blocking the shift is money and guys et and dudo,, you both better watch out and get ready.. remember you get paid :D

love and blessings :)

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Mind Writer! said...

I think your life is currently going pretty smoothly, although, you may not be sure what to do next. Correct me if I'm wrong. You don't feel sad or something missing, because sadness or emptiness sometimes actually opens up some doors in our mind and there goes the flow of thoughts. When we are too okay with everything around our mind stops searching for things. I guess something needs to be wrong with you (I'm not cursing! :P ), something should happen that you don't expect. May be your "Dimaag ki batti" will be turned on!

DuDo said...

Haan After a long tym.... Dude you are having a pretty gud tym rgt nw... good times are rolling in and the best part is you leaving ur home town for further studies.

As far as your personal site is concerned... you should go ahd... it would hardly cost u man!!!

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