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so whats up people? yeah, 2 weeks and i cant stay away anymore ! yup, am back ! back not to shout this time i guess.. yeah, back cos i wanna be back at the place where i belong, which is definitely mine.so how are you all doing? ohk fine.. lets talk about me.. after all its my place to shout !

so yes, i was out of station.. travelled to the state capital, and not just that, was there for 10 days. and yeah, it was official, say job training or language lab or anything, anyways i didnt get in through.. well that was just the first attempt, many more to come, and i sure will have some place to stay !

twitter has been my world for some time now, and its really fun. compressing all your thoughts to 140 characters and talking, reading and discussing, its all fun, and seriously am getting addicted to it ! this trivandrum trip of mine let me meet 2 tweeples and man, that was so fun.. the first tweet up at kannur was the first time i met tweeples.. and now it seems the list is going to be a large one..

talk about my training, it was awesome, just awesome.. made a lot many new friends, a totally new experience, and it definitely has helped me mod my attitude now. yeah, i can feel it..true i dint get in through, but this training will definitely help me to get in to some other, in the near of far future !

guess what? girls at trivandrum are cool.. and remembering one of my tweet from trivandrum, it says like this, take a girl from kannur, teach her to dress like a trivandrum girl, and then she will win eyes ! err.. what ever.. just said that.. another thing i noted from trivandrum is like, man, they dont have any respect for food.. bae.. seriously, they eat like they have never seen food till then.. sharing a table at restaurants had never been this kind of pain !

never in my life have i thought of paying for drinking water, and guess what? these 10 days at trivandrum, i had to ! meeting people is always fun, but getting down at the wrong stop never is. 4 out of 10 days, i got down at the wrong stop and walked all the way long.. and man, i have never been this bored and jobless. i so missed internet and my laptop.. but damn again, my mobile service provider is acting mad these days. every single time i wanna do something, it just keeps me away away and away.

meeting friends and having them around is always fun, and the better part is, when you meet the one who you are so close with, that too unexpectedly.. my visit to trivandrum wasnt planned and all i had was 24 hours to pack, pick and leave, and man, that saved a lie. my twin, my emotional twin, my copy, lives at trivandrum, and man i so wanted to meet her and be with her, this visit saved a lie and we met. never have i felt this close and comfortable with anyone else, keeping apart 3 persons in my life ! having my twin close to me, near to me was totally a different feeling !

its a different feeling to return back from a place where you dont belong to your home, always. but this time around, it was totally different to leave my twin behind and come back.. and girl you seriously made my eyes wet with your tears.. all i got to tell you is, there or here, am always with you, and i will always be. you know that and i know that !

training at trivandrum was soo fun.. 10 to 5 every day for a week, with 20 people and a good looking trainer, it was fun.. and man the role plays, the enacting roles, the dramas, the sessions, everything was awesome !

er.. its time i leave home, settled my mobile bills, do some shopping, cya later pals. drop in and read. i am BACK !

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et said...

Getting down at the wrong stop and walking around for hours. Tell me about it!

anupama said...

Dear Shravan,
Good Evening!
Good that you are back!
East or west home is the best!But then one learns only from experiences!
Hey,man,I had been to Tvpm many times.Ny second brother lives there.Now I am not very sure whether a guy from capital should dress like a guy in Kannur,:)
Travelling,meeting people and living among them taught you many valuable lessons.
Have fun,but life is not always fun!Just keep in mind.[Someone help me stop advising;he may shout!]
Wishing you happy blogging,

Jinju said...

Glad u liked tvm gals... :P nd well, i knw d 'getting lost' part was as much deliberate as accidental...u wanted the walk and the 'view'...ryt? ;)

nd d way u tlk abt having to pay for water at tvm, anyone wud think this place is as bad as delhi, whr u have ppl selling drinking water on d roadside during summer and u have to pay for each tumblerful u gulp down! cmon, here in tvm, u didn't want to make do with water from hotels, which dey wud hav happily provided(free of cost) had u asked, and so u naturally had to pay 4 mineral water bottles during ur stay...nd dat's a universal travel experience...nthng tvm-specific..ha! :P

Jinju said...

And yes, my dearest twin, i miss having u around here....u knw, it's so true wut dey say- u cannot knw wut u r missing until u have knwn it...and well, trivandrum now feels emptier for me without this kannur tornado! :D

This unexpected nd relatively longer trivandrum stay of urs has given me sme of d best memories of my life. i'll cherish dem always... but i knw distance is immaterial btwn u nd me, v will always b together, no matter hw far apart...hmmm...love u, my twin...nd yea, welcome bak to blogosphere :)

NEEYA ............ said...

Well,Nice to hear good Words about TVM gals!
And Kannur Girls also Belong to very good Genre!!..
Very Proudly,I'm a TVM cum Kannur....Girl
Whenever...I think of Kannur,a picture of Bus comes into my mind...bcos that's the enormous Kannur Bus journeys I've made...
I've noticed that in kannur...even in small roads,bus journeys r possible...Here it's a dream...
So My point's that,
So..having lived in a "Land Of BUSSES"..how can u 'misunderstand' bus-stops??:P

There'r quite a lot differences b/w Kannur &T.V.M(feel lyk writing A post about in it!!)

Anyways,it was a good observer's words...and it was successful...
Well Done,Shravan....
[a huge Comment!!!]
And nice 2 hear that U r back!!!!

Shravan RN said...

@ et
hmm u dont wanna know about it ! just read in between the lines and u will know :D

Shravan RN said...

@ Anupama
:) yes, travelling is fun ! it gives all of us an oppurt'y to get acquainted with new people, new places, and ofcourse new lessons :-) and yeah, life is not just about the fun ! get that :)

Shravan RN said...

@ Jinju
injipennee :P i wanted to walk and "view" but not for hours :P
and paying for water, yeah it was a chosen decision, i dint want to drink all the half boiled clorine mixed water from the hotels. :P

i miss having you around as well..and as u said, twin, distance is always immaterial between us... u know that am there for u, and i know that i can count on you:)

hugs :) love ya :)

Shravan RN said...

@ Neethu
tvm girls, not every one are pretty ! there are exceptions always :)
bus journeys,junctions and stops always confuse me and thats exactly why i missed the stops.
and its happens when you multitask :)

and write on ! tvm vs knr :)

and thanks :) and yes, it was a huge comment !

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