Smile !

express !
wear a smile !
you dont lose anything for that !
you might just make someone's day,
might just lift someone's spirits,
might just make someone feel good !
smile !
you lose nothing !

life as it comes,
you lose nothing !
life and its emotions,
in all dimensions!

grow, smile, and spread the joy :)

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Mind Writer! said...

:D :D :D

He he hu hu ha ha ha...

How are you kiddo? After a long time. Missed you!

anupama said...

Dear Shravan,
Good Evening!
Happy to know you have the smile to share!
smile is contageous and it touches many hearts!
The chapest and the most precious gift one can give to the world-smile!:)
Wishing you a lovely and cool night where you can dream of the most wonderful smile you have ever received,

Angel :) said...

Keep smiling is all I can say!

NEEYA ............ said...

A smile creates much...Be careful too...

KParthasarathi said...

Very true.Smile is a magic talisman that can bring blessings your way in abundance

Shravan RN said...

@ Lopa
lol i liked that.. but dont laugh like this.. am scared.. :P

Shravan RN said...

@ Anupama
:) smile definitely is contageous :)

Shravan RN said...

@ Angel
i do that :) hoping to see everyone do it :D

Shravan RN said...

@ Neethu
ee :D i get the point :P

Shravan RN said...

@ K Parthasarathi
and smile is a healer too !

divsi said...

soooo true:)) m gonna a post a pic soon n mention this post:))))

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