Let Me Talk, Or Shall We Talk?

so yeah, how are you? all fine?? under pressure? tensed? worried about something? come on dear, chill, kill your worries. so yeah, lets talk.. shall we?

so well, recenly i have attended a training.. and man, that didnt fetch me a job, but well it indeed did good to me, i mean to the way i think, i act, i respond, i talk, everything.. there was this thing, public speaking or open speaking or stage talk, what ever it may be.. and that is one area where many, many find problems.. call it boasting when i say, i can talk on a stage, i dont care how many are sitting in front of me, and with this in mind lets continue.. err.. its not about how to talk on a stage.. its something different..

3 years back, i was this pessimistic kid, every worse, i never loved facing a crowd, i dont jel with people that easily.. pressure, tenstion, and worries, they used to be my companions. and its not like i take tabs for all these and it not like the needed care thing or something.. its just the normal life cycle.. but right now, life is all good, life is all judicial and its great.

one thing that we all have to come across and handle in life is pressure or strain.. or call it any word you want.. it takes your life away from you, and even your smile away..why has no answer here..  err.. okey.. dont mind.. i am like, i dont really know what i am gonna write next.. err.. its just some random thought flow or something..

life is not about winning or losing, its all about living, its all about living your life as you like it, but yeah, not offending others, but in the right and judicial way.. life is not about just the academics, just the right job, the perfect family, life is something more than that, something beyond explaining, its just, life can just be felt and lived, every moment is new.. new and fresh, and you never know what is coming next, what is in store for you, and there lies the beauty of life.. in its uncertainity.. fear of death, fear of failure or fear of losing, these are something that can bring no good for us.. its like having positive and negative energies by us.. negatives are always a part of life, its just the way we approach things that makes and marks the difference..

the beauty of life lies in its uncertainities, in its questions and puzzles, your life is entirely your and you are the only you in the world who is really you ! life is not about quiting, life is not about losing hope, life is not about crying about whats gone, life is about starting again, doing things in ways that you think right,life is about living as you heart says, following its directions, life is not just about the ones and twos that make billions..

why do people quit living there life? just coz they felt like they are done? why doesnt people find reasons to live? its all a moments thought, a moments worry that causes the problems.. er.. damn... am drifting.. times up.. quit !

what are your supposed to do when you feel like the purpose of your life is met with? quit living or start conquering new horizons of life? think and reply ! not to me, but to your heart, your brain, and to your soul..

to be continued.

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DuDo said...

oh gr8 dude we share the common feelings... its nice when some1 overcomes a stage fear. I was a dumb and shy kid. The college life had changed me a LOT and to say literally LOT. The credit goes to my one teacher who molded me. :) i would love to read future posts on dis :)

anupama said...

Dear Shravan,
Good Morning!
I am grateful to my parents who recongnised the talents and encouraged me to be a public speaker!The training was given at home!So anytime anywhere I face the crowd!:)
Just ten days' training in Tvpm;man,you start talking all philosophy!Wow!Gret!
Live a day fruitfully!Before you hit bed,you should have something to be proud of!An action or a gesture!:)
Wishing you a beautiful day,

Mind Writer! said...

Does anybody actually feel that the purpose of their life have met? To me, the feeling might be, one job is done, let's start the new one! There are too many things yet to explore!

Shravan RN said...

@ Dudo
it is nice to over come stage fear and it feels great to speak infront of people ! and stay around here, some day, i will continue with this !

Shravan RN said...

@ Anupama
ee :) public speaking isnt an easy job right? and philosophy, if this can be called so, is not the outcome on 10 days life @ TVM.. its just the natural flow of thoughts :)

Shravan RN said...

@ Lopa
i have felt like the purpose is done when nothing new happens in life, but yeah, i handle it like, one task is done, next is coming, enjoy the break :P

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