Drifting down the skies,
Like a gift from the gods-
Lost by cherubs playing on the clouds,
Or a remnant of the past
To wake my memeories once more?

To gently lead me
Through cloistered lanes of yore;
To an explosion of colours,
An expanse of bright dreams,
Great hopes, and no fears.

Ah! This kite to fly once more,
With the wind in my hair;
To follow its journey
With unblinking eyes,
And laugh once again,
With glee untinged by tears.

Could I be so frozen-
Gay abandon- in time?

Dearest twin,

My hearty congrats on this splendid milestone of 150 posts that u have reached! And that too in such a short time! U know how infrequent a blogger i am, and i think urs is a mind-boggling achievement...seriously! May ur blog keep soaring in blogosphere! Keep writing...u know this awesome blog is your very own space and it has a place not only in ur heart but of ur many readers too.... And yes, thanx for the guest post invite on ur special occasion yet again... Hope i will get to do the 1500th post here :) Congratz n god bless...

Lotz n lotza love n prayers,

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DuDo said...

1st of all m glad to post the 1t comment on 150th post. Congrats Bro.

@Jinju so u r the lucky 1 to post it up!!!! so cool.. a wonderful poem u wrote dere.

@shravan have a gr8 day!!! rejoice....



Chocolate Lover said...

@ Jinju
awesome poem! :))

@ Shravan
congratulations for the 150th post :))

Hasna Fathima said...

What a wonderful poem!!!

@ Shravan: Congrats......

Jinju said...

@dudo: yup...m the lucky chosen one! being d twin of a hotshot blogger has dese added advantages...hehe ;) :D nd thanx 4 ur appreciation...tc... :)

@chocolate lover: thank u :)

@slow processor: really glad u liked it...i admire ur poems too... :)

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