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Umm, make no mistake, the title is spot on, coz I've been under the kosh of the work hammer and in between, my dashboard has gone nuts and forgotten to update on the previous four guest posts, so I've been drawn into action in mega quick fashion so as to not be late at the graveyard.

Shravan is more known to me as TT.  well, will let him blab about it if he wants to. Didn't know him much before going to his site from my virtual sister Callie's soul. Knew him to be a mallu who wrote nice posts that reflected life, but what attracted me most to his site was the url, Quilling in Blood because most of the times I do that too, write with ink of blood and right from my heart as well.

An inch past fifty and hundred
A graveyard turns this post
Moving forward at its own pace
Enchanting each straying gaze
Sometimes haunting almost

Like a burning fire it warms
Each word is from the heart
Welcoming ours into his own
Never in this graveyard alone
He leads to his words from start

Quilling in blood or so he says
Each word shows in its own way
To move onward, a desire flares
Always let that want be there

Still more words must rest in peace
Haunting readers even in their ease
Full of passion, let him forge on
Capturing dreams that seem gone

This journey surely doesn't end here
More milestones for sure to come
The caretaker awaits, his graveyard
I give back with this last little hum

Happy 150th post TT. I know this isn't as good as I could have made it, but can't let your blog be stuck at 150 till my post gets up. I'll return sometime back with a better one. Keep writing and get to 200, 250 and etc etc.. milestones very soon. 


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KParthasarathi said...

A wonderful poem as a guest post is adorning your blog
Glad Shravan on your reaching the 150th post, a milestone indeed keeping in mind you were busy with studies in the final year.An achievement of no mean merit.
Hearty Congratulations!!

Chocolate Lover said...

@lEO nice poem Leo :))

@SHRAVAN haha! yup yup! we are waiting for more milestone.. keep blogging :D

NEEYA ............ said...

Well done,leo...wonderful poem

and shravan,let u reach more and more heights in Blogosphere...

Hemanth Potluri said...

a beautiful poem by vinay ...congrats on completing 150 and wish u very best to complete 1000 very soon :)..


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