Let's Simplify

how simple could life be, when you could find joy in the smaller things of life? when you could just be with your loved ones and forget all other worries.. how simple could life get when you carry a light heart and smile all the way..

my life, just got simplified ! living it to the core, enjoying each and every moment of it, but missing some closer ones and trying to bring them close ! life is better all the way and i hope it stays the same !

"what the summer rain does to the soil, your smile does to my soul !"

i have received awards again, and a tag, thanks to shriti aka chocolate lover and shrijit aka dudo. and here i go, accepting the 2 awards with pleasure.

thank you chocolate lover

thank you chocolate lover and dudo.

this cherry on top award comes with a tag and phew.. doing tags after a long gap and its like this :

The rules of the tag says. I need to tell 3 good things about me, and here i go

1. I can handle pressure and keep my attitude though i dont seem to do.

2.i can trust people, and i trust them, and that is why,i believe in staying connected to people, and being there for them, and thus i have almost all relationships close to my heart.

3.i believe in me, and doing hard work, rather than complaining, yes i am a pessimistic optimist !

4 Shared Thoughts:

Sneha said...

Let the music last forever.:)

Chocolate Lover said...

You are always welcome shravan :D

Shravan RN said...

@ Sneha
:-) hehe.. hope so :-)

Shravan RN said...

@ Shri

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