Doing My Job !!!

Wheeeeeeeeeeee!! ummmm.. okay.. haha! Its me chocolate lover..a 16 year old kid on 20 year old 'kid' .... Shravan's blog :) (Going to hijack your blog with this guest posht!!)

Shravan hired me on a job by the way..haha! so here I am..and yeah.. I'm not yet paid for it :P haha! so "thish" is the 147th post on this blog.. Its an honour for me to be here and to be a part of 150th post celebration :)

Shravan...you are so awesome..you speak your heart through this blog..  haha! your random posts and poems inspires me and I am sure others too :))

You are an amazing writer (accept it now!! Blaaahhhaaa or you have to pay me double :P)

A twenty year old kid..
writing his thoughts,
writing his feelings,
sometimes random,
sometimes deep..

A twenty year old kid,
awesome and sweet,
a pessimist with optimistic views,
sometimes weary,
sometimes gleamy..

A twenty year old kid;
dreamy and awake,
speaking his heart,
and you know what?
He's awesome in this art..

Shravan.. Its for you.. I hope you like it :)) I am seriously no one to say anything.. you are really awesome.. and an inspiration.. I am still a learner and learn a lot from you..

my twenty year old friend (gonna turn 21) may you reach more milestones :)) and congratulations for reaching 150th post :)) don't stop writting!! We need more poshts from you!! ;)

P.S. Shravan!!! my chocolate?? :( I need a chocolate for thish..I did my job! ;) and dear readers plz dont look at my grammatical errorsh!!

PPS. wahhhhaaaaa.. finally I wrote thish!! ^-^

Keep blogging Shravan..
yours very own,

10 Shared Thoughts:

Mind Writer! said...

@ Chocolate Lover: That was cool and cute! It was an interesting read and with the emoticons it went more funny! Loved it! :D

@ Shravan: I thought you've grown up! You're still 20? ;)

Don't stop writing. Don't leave us! We love you so much!

DuDo said...

Its a gr8 poem!!! Shravan GROW UP! :P

I guess its chocolate bunny now. @choco its a gud 1 gal. very rgt, dat shravan has been really an inspiration for many for writing poems.

@shravan Write more... n have a gr8 150th post!!!

Shravan RN said...

@shriti :) loved it !and yes, this place is definitely my virtual home, and so, there is me all around here :-) talking the hearts' way :-)
and chocolates, mail u soon :)

Shravan RN said...

Turning 21 on sunday May 23 :Party, get me my gifts sister! and :) will be around :)

Shravan RN said...

:) i am flattered :P :P :P :Party

sakhii•• said...

this shud b fun;)
cute poem!!

sakhii•• said...

this sounds fun:)
nice poem too:)
cute actually :D

Freelancer said...

@ choco
awesome guest write

damn i love this template of urs!!!

Chocolate Lover said...

@ Mindwriter
haha! thanks xD

@ Dudo
yup yup!

@ Shravan
haha! glad you liked it xD
and i'll be waiting :P

@ sakshi
thanks x))

@ freelancer
haha! thanks xD

Jinju said...

awww...such a sweet post! made me smile all d way thru... :)

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