Digital Life Alchemy

Its been like a routine to me to hit on to this blog, I love, like minded people who share same thoughts as mine.... Shravan you are one of them.

I'm excited to post one of my dead thought on to this graveyard and the tombstone says Digital Life Alchemy
This post is dedicated to you as a part of 150th post celebrations and your birthday gift!!! 

Every human being is a part of Almighty's labyrinth, with a confusing twist and turns. And WE a mere fusion Soul and body combined to run this rat race.  

Life is a puzzle, each valuable piece is scattered on Earth and we need to find the pieces and place at the right places where they belong. Shravan you are one of my life's puzzle piece.

Evey human has his own share of happiness and sorrows as life elements and equal proportions blend to get a perfect human life.

Blank thoughts are posted on to the web for others to read. We never feel that we're left standing in the cold, Homeless, Friendless, Hopeless, Abandoned.  This is Digital Life Alchemy. Thanx being a part of it.

I still feel my life is a big unsolved mystery!!!!  Each mysterious thoughts will find its suitable grave. And every one in this blogsphere will mourn for your thought's death.

Hope this graveyard of thoughts will have a 6 feet grave for my thoughts for ever!!!!

All the best!!!!


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lakshmi said...

Wow deep thought
and I suppose everyone's life is a mystery...an unsolved one...we solve it as we pass through each second of our time and life.......
thanks Shrijit and Shravan.

DuDo said...

@Lakshmi Thx

anupama said...

Dear Shrijith,
Good Evening!
Don't frighten me with such serious thoughts!:)
Each one of us has an untold life story.Let us have mysteries so that they can arouse curiosity!
Wishing you good luck and kudos on nearing 15oth post!

DuDo said...

@anu Haha Those were just blank thoughts now at the graveyard :P Thx for the comment :)

sakhii•• said...

this was something really nice.
kinda philosophy :D

Shravan RN said...

man i loved this.. loved the provoking side of it.. er.. i meant the thought provoking side.. and you call this a blank thought? hmm ! :@

DuDo said...

@shravan some of my blank thoughts :)
M glad dat u liked it!!!

@sakhii Thx

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