My Birthday Gift To You!


Dear Friends,
Good Evening!
I am doing the first guest post as the part of celebrations of Shravan completing his 150th post and I will be doing the 149th one!And just two more hours to go!It is Shravan's 21st birthday!A Very Happy Birthday,Friend!Many Many Happy Returns Of The Day!May God Bless You To Have Many More!
By the way,It is your Dad's star birthday too!Convey our best wishes to your Dad!
Shravan,you have reached a remarkable milestone in blogosphere by completing hundred and fifty posts. Your honest expressions and true narrations make me come to your blog regularly.I do always write straight from my heart so I could always relate so well with your posts.:)

Birthdays are occasions to celebrate growth,maturity and achievements.Birthdays remind us that the gift of life is the most precious and important one.It is the time when we get many good wishes and we must be grateful to God Almighty for all the good things happened in the past.''Your birthday is a special time to celebrate the gift of 'you' to the world.''

Out of teens and on the threshhold of adulthood.That must be areal great feeling.You must be enjoying the transition.A new life awaits you!21st birthday is aturning point in one's life!So,make it memorable!

Let me start my post with my dearest Amma's verses for you!

The reminiscence of the auspicious day,

Twenty one years back when the Moolam star,

Rose smiling in the firmament,

Fills the minds and hearts of your parents,

With relief and ecstacy,

When they heard the non-stop cry,

Of their new born babe!

Dear Shravan,

Every day is anew beginning,

But Birthday is really special,

May this birthday be just the beginning,

Of another exciting year,

Filled with joy,laughter and happiness!

I wish you my friend,

May all your dreams come true!

I am happy that we are friends,

As a friend is a gift we give ourselves!

Shravan,you are in my prayers,

A happy and bright future awaits you!

A birthday comes just once a year,

So it is party time,yaar!

I am wishing you another wonderful year,

Of laughter,joys and fun!

Surprises,love and happiness!

You will have all the pleasure,dear,

May each hour and minute be filled with delight!

On this important day,

Never feel down and frown!

I am glad that I know you,

You are simple and smart,

Naughty and talented!

You have miles and miles to go,

And I really hope you will turn to be,

A wonderful and popular writer!

I know you don't like long posts,

So let me conclude my words!

Remember,experiences great and small,

That have made you who you are!

''Hope your Birthday gently breezes all the choiciest of things and all that your heart holds dear''!

Have afun-filled day!Birthdays mean;cake,gifts,wrapping paper,money,friends,new clothes and party!What more do you need?

Wherever I will be,

My wishes are always with you!

It's Anu signing off........

Shravan,I am honoured by doing this guest post on your special day!

I don't know you like the back of my hand,

But I know you more than I need!:)

Now at the age of twenty one,

I wish you,a fantastic view of your goal!

It 's not fair,that you have not invited me for your birthday party,

But enjoy in every possible way you can!

Reminding Anu loves you all dil se,

Please do a kind deed today!

Keep up the good work!

A Big God Bless You!



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Readers Dais said...

Good evening shravan,

Many many happy returns of the day shravan, and my hearty congrats for your upcoming 150th post, may u reach more milestones spreading a smile around you...
& anu its really sweet of you for such a wonderful post for your freind, let ur freindship too reach far more years of true bonding of support ...

Chocolate Lover said...


I HAVE A SURPRISE for you haha! check out my blog..hope you like it xD

lakshmi said...

@ Shravan - Many Many Happy returns of the day.
@ Anu - that is really a beautiful way to express your birthday wishes to Shravan Anu....so sweet of you

DuDo said...

@shravan Many Many Happy returns of the day!!!! Have blast!!!

@anu very sweet n simple words to enlighten the birthday boy's day...

Vivek Chamoli said...

Hi Good Morning Anu !! :)

its a nice read over the b'day

@ Shravan , Many many happy return's of the day , May all your wishes come true......to forge you ahead with gr8 impetus ..God Bless

@ Anu .you are rock-star .. who brings smiles to all faces ...nice to get you over this space unlimited expressions ...

Love to read more of your creations.

Take care... c u soon..

totalliemeh said...

Happy Birthday!:)

V Rakesh said...

Happy Birthday Shravan! Have a wonderful and blessed year ahead!

Mind Writer! said...

Dear Shravan,

Wishing you a very happy birthday. You know what? Out of all my blogger friends, you're the only one with whom I can share anything and everything so freely. And the credit goes to you! Thank you for being so understandable, down to earth, easy going and so frank. Wish you remain always like this.



NEEYA ............ said...


Can't give u a much more better Bday Wish/////

Shravan RN said...

@ Anupama
woahh.. i so loved this !:-) thanks for making my day :-)

Shravan RN said...

@ RD
thangyu thangyu and thangyu :-)

thanks dear.. and i saw your update

@Lakshmi akka
thanks akka

thanks man !

thanks mate, thanks

thanks :)

@ V R
thanks bro :)

thanks sissie and woah, i feel so proud now :) smiles :) :Party

:) hehe thanks :D

KParthasarathi said...

Belated birthday greetings, Shravan.Many happy returns of the day.It augurs well that a veteran and popular blogger Anupama has done the honour of writing a wonderful guest post

anupama said...

Dear Shravn,
Good Evening!
Hope the day will be remembered!:)
Thanks for the honour. May God Bless You!Keep writing,and express the real feelings!You will feel really better!
I am happy that you loved the post!
The second invitation has already come for the guest post!:)
Wishing you a rosy and bright future,
Dear Unni,
Good Evening!
Thanks a bunch for your sincere comment.I am really happy that you are the first one to appreciate dil ki batem!:)
Unni,if theriendship is true,itmust flourish and grow along with time.
Wishing you,a wonderful evening,

Dear Lakshmi,
Good Evening!
Thanks a lot for your heartfelt comment.
I enjoyed doing the guest post for shravan as it is for his Birthday!We must make a friend's special day memorable,nah?
Wishing you a lovely night,
Dear Shrijith,
Good Evening!
Thanks a bunch for your sincere comment.
I would like to say,straight from my heart,the words are!
Let me know when is your b'day!:)
Wishing you a beautiful night,
Dear Vivek,
God Evening!
Thanks a lot or your sincere comment!
A smile is the best gift I can give to all.It is priceess and in return I get the most beautiful facial expression!Yes,the smile!
To get rocked come to sincerely yours!:)More than two hundred and ten posts await you on all emotions!
Wishing you a cool and wonderful night,

Dear Partha,
Good Evening!
Thanks bunch for your heartfelt comment.You have made me humble,Partha with all those describing words!:)
I am a buddng and simple writer!:)I need your blessings and prayers.
Wishing you a beautiful and lovely night,

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