all i want now is some peace,
some journey to lands unknown,
stinking jean and sweating shirt,
empty wallet and a bottle of water..

all i want now is to wander
through the streets and not worry..
all i want now is a change
and some moments of life..

all i want now is to forget
me and everything else
all i want now is to live
my life, to its full !

PS : attended the first ever tweet up at kannur. 2 hours at the beach near the light house.. hope the event will occur again and fully fludges. met  bloggers Rahul Anand and Remiz Rehnas first time

PS2 : discussion going on with Rahul Anand.. A Platform for young bloggers from kannur and suburbs, Something like a bloggers group or some blogger club.. dont know how the discussions will end. dont know if it will be productive in the end. but hoping for it to happen.. imagine if bloggers from same locality can meet up at a place and discuss on variety of topics, make friends, and who know if any thing better can happen.dreaming of such a club or unity of a group :)

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DuDo said...

Hey dude!!! a gud poem as usual. an nice to see the tweetup pic. Yes evn i agree dat v should hav a small forum for bloggers. lemme knw if i could pour in my ideas!!!

lakshmi said...

Hey Shravan
something that most of us really long for

Mind Writer! said...

Cool! Bloggers' meeting, huh?

And really nice poem. Another piece by you which I actually could read and understand! :D

"All I want now" is to have a great presentation and to be a bit relaxed to watch a movie after that! And a bit time for blogging too! :D

Shravan RN said...

@ Shrijit
:-) thanks mate ! and yeah tweetup was fun ! and yeah, pour in your idea and thoughts and suggestions. in good need of like minded people we are :-)

Shravan RN said...

@ Lakshmi akka
yeah something that we long and search endless for, failing to find in our own selves :-)

Shravan RN said...

@ Lopa
it was twitter user's meet, aka tweetup !

:Tone so you are improving ;)understanding depends on the way you see and read things..:)

and go have fun with the presentation and later do :Party

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