No Matter Where You Find Love

It was fully occupied compartment, but never tough for them to meet each other. Hours long did their talks go. As miles went past, the distance between them grew shorter and shorter.

Next morning as darkness withered away, there she was, in her seat, her heart content, having felt the feeling of togetherness and love.

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DuDo said...

hmm finally u posted it up!!!! m glad i was d 1st 1 to read i guess via txt??

Shravan RN said...

@ Shrijit
yeah finally i posted it :-) may be u r the first one to read.. but u werent the only person i texted.. some 5-6 good friends of mine, i sent it !

Princess Caspian said...

Short and so sweet!!!

Chocolate Lover said...

Sweet :)

haha! the blog template looks awesome ;)

Miss Sunshine said...

aww :)

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