The Pain Of Parting

yeah, today was the farewell day at college.. and now, college life is officially over !

and thus, there it ended, college life ! moving on! the next phase

so yeah, as said earlier, i am the happiest man leaving college today. am glad that i dont have much of commitments at college.. but still, at this moment when everything is over and seeing those videos over and over, it seems like, am also a lil sad, i too have some selected people to add to my list of forever friends from college.. from silly talks to serious discussions.. that was one heck of 3 years at college ! guys, am gonna miss you all!

i opened this editor page with so much of things to write and now, guess i gotta stop, i cant push the pen any more :(

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Chocolate Lover said...

I guess I know how you might be feeling now! :(

I have only 1 yr left of my schooling and then....


NEEYA ............ said...

Finally,u knew the pain of memories haunting u..Good post

Shravan RN said...

@ Shridi
i dint have this sort of feeling when school life was over :-) then had hopes that will be in touch, and those friends still are the best :-)

@ Neeya
:-) yep, i do, and thanks :-)

Mind Writer! said...

Hmm... it happens. No matter how emotionally detached you were from the college, at the end while leaving, you'd feel sad. Cherish it. 3 years deserves some beautiful flashes too... :)

Shravan RN said...

@ Lopa
rightly said my dear :-) 3 years do deserve some beautiful flashes :)

dark nymph said...

i wish i could write something similar about my college...but considering the hell it is,i suspect i never would...
i like your blog!!!

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