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skip reading if you dont want to waste your precious time.. its just an outburst of thoughts :-)

my joining of Oracle's www.think.com now called thinkquest.org paved the way for the present life i live. its then i knew my love for the net and for the blogs ! its 10 page personal columns for school students(kendriya vidyalaya had registered with it, dunno about rest of the schools) made all the difference in my life.thats when i became known to people, thats how i met my bestie, and thats how i got connected to some best teachers in around india.. thats when i first realised that blogs could be my virtual home ! if ever i hadnt registered and spent time on it, i would now be studying in some engg college, having fun and wouldnt have had this pathetic college life ! but had i not been in, i wouldnt have become this person who i am, and i am proud to be the way i am ! life's little lesson, learned and shared.. after all, life is not just an engg degree ! had i never spent hours on the internet uploading and updating the 10 pages, i would have scored atleast a decent score in maths than to have merely passed.but then again, i would have met these inspiring people, and friends ! had mom n dad never got me the computer while i was in class 11, i wouldnt have made them cry, but then i wouldnt have realized the true color of life ! true i havent faced any real challenges in life, but still again, what i went through, i can never ever put them into words !

PS : well, am just sick and tired of listening to poeple saying "you should have opted for engg" come on people, engg is not the only thing in life, plus thats not the right path for me to move, plus i never made a candidate for that course !

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SindhuBhairavi said...

:) nannayittundu..

to those who tell u that u should've opted for eng, just smile.. (to help u smile, ask them to join there themselves, or just go to hell or simply ask them to watch 3 idiots)

follow ur interest and passion.. its really very very important.

Mind Writer! said...

Everything happens for a good reason. Don't go with what people say. It depends on who you ask. Two people with two visions would give you two answers. So it's better to stick to your own version and have confidence in it. I know you have full confidence in your views. :)

BTW, what's the name of the font written in Italic form? It looks so freaking beautiful! Is it Georgia in italic?

NEEYA ............ said...

Throw a stone!Either it would hurt a stray dog or an engineer......
So,that's the quantity of engineering education :P

Nice post!!

Shravan RN said...

@ SB
yeah following the hearts way is one imp thing to do in life :-) thank you for the comment chechie :-)

Shravan RN said...

@ Lopa
and yes, neatly said, peoples point of view varies ! and yes dear, it depends on who we ask, but what if i dont ask and they still talk? thats what irritated me :D

and the font, i will check and let u know..

Shravan RN said...

@ Neeya
naatil thengya-yekkaal engineersum doctorsum undennum parayum :-)and glad u liked whats penned here :-)

Aliyah said...

Stumbled across your blog while bloghopping and boy! your posts on college life reflect the times I spent in an equivalently depressing atmosphere during postgrads.
Me too opted out of engineering and thankfully, my parents let me pursue liberal arts.
Follow your heart. To people who say 'you should have opted engineering', tell them to buzz off. You'll learn to ignore them soon.
good luck with the exams.

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